What Island Has The Highest Population?

Most densely populated islands (over 1,000 people per km²)

Island Country Population
Ilet a Brouee Haiti 500
Ap Lei Chau Hong Kong 86,782
Migingo Island Kenya 131
Ile de Fadiouth (Joal-Fadiouth) Senegal 9,000

72 more rows

What island has the largest population?

Island Population Data on figure
1. Java (Indonesia) 124,000,000 2005 est.
2. Honshu (Japan) 103,000,000 2004 est.
3. Great Britain 58,300,000 2004 est.
4. Luzon (Philippines) 47,000,000 2007 est.

44 more rows

What island has the smallest population?

Pitcairn Islands

Which island in the Caribbean has the largest population?

The Countries And Their People

  • Cuba. Cuba is the most populous Caribbean country with 11.2 million people.
  • Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is the second-most populous Caribbean country with 10.4 million people.
  • Haiti.
  • Puerto Rico.
  • Jamaica.
  • Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Guadeloupe.
  • Martinique.

Which UK island has the largest population?

The largest of the other islands are to be found in the Hebrides and Northern Isles to the north, and Anglesey and the Isle of Man between Great Britain and Ireland.

List of islands of the British Isles.

Name Great Britain
Population 60,800,000
Population rank 01
Location N/A
Country England, Scotland and Wales, United Kingdom

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Which is the richest island in the Caribbean?

The Richest Caribbean Countries

  1. The Bahamas. The Bahamas is an archipelagic country made up of over 700 islands, islets, and cays.
  2. Barbados. The island nation of Barbados is the world’s 53rd richest and the Caribbean’s second richest country in terms of GDP per capita.
  3. Belize.
  4. Costa Rica.
  5. Colombia.
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What is the population of Kauai 2018?

Population in households in Kauai County

Population in households in Kauai County
Total Population: 65,930
Male Population: 33,002
Under 5 years: 2,239
5 to 9 years: 2,156

46 more rows

What country has the least population?

Countries With The Smallest Populations

  • Vatican City. With a population of fewer than 1,000 people, Vatican City has the smallest population of any country in the world.
  • Tuvalu.
  • Nauru.
  • Other Small Populations.
  • Least Populated Countries by Continent.

What country has the lowest crime rate?

On the other end of the spectrum, here are the five countries with the lowest crime rates in the world. Switzerland is known for its low crime rate. The murder rate there in 2014 was 0.49 per 100,000 people, the country’s lowest rate since Switzerland started keeping those statistics in the 1980s.

What country has the biggest population?

Rank Country 2019 Population
1 China 1,420,062,022
2 India 1,368,737,513
3 United States 329,093,110
4 Indonesia 269,536,482

62 more rows

Is Jamaica bigger than Puerto Rico?

Jamaica is around the same size as Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is approximately 9,104 sq km, while Jamaica is approximately 10,991 sq km. Meanwhile, the population of Puerto Rico is ~3.4 million people (361,266 fewer people live in Jamaica).

What race is Caribbean?

Modern Caribbean people usually further identify by their own specific ethnic ancestry, therefore constituting various subgroups, largest of which are: Afro-Caribbean (largely descendants of emancipated African slaves) White Caribbean (largely descendants of European colonizers) and Indo-Caribbean (largely descendants

What’s the biggest city in the Caribbean?

5 Largest Cities In The Caribbean

  1. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Population: approximately 3,658,648.
  2. Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Population: approximately 2,618,894.
  3. San Juan, Puerto Rico. Population: approximately 2,196,538.
  4. Havana, Cuba. Population: approximately 2,117,625.
  5. Kingston, Jamaica. Population: approximately 1,190,763.

Is Wales separate from England?

The governments of the United Kingdom and of Wales almost invariably define Wales as a country. The Welsh Government says: “Wales is not a Principality. Although we are joined with England by land, and we are part of Great Britain, Wales is a country in its own right.”

What is the largest island in Britain?

The Largest Islands In The British Isles By Size

  • Great Britain. The largest island of the British Isles is Great Britain which is also the world’s ninth-biggest island.
  • Ireland. The island of Ireland is Europe’s third biggest island and second biggest in the British Isles archipelago.
  • Lewis and Harris.
  • Skye.
  • Mainland, Shetland.
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What is the smallest Scottish island?

Of the remainder, several such as Staffa and the Flannan Isles are well known despite their small size. Some 94 Scottish islands are permanently inhabited, of which 89 are offshore islands.

Largest Scottish islands by population.

Island Lewis and Harris
Population 1841 20,046
1891 30,726
1931 28,042
1961 24,107

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What is the most luxurious Caribbean island?

What’s the Best Caribbean Island for You?

  1. St. Lucia. Best for: Romantics.
  2. Turks & Caicos. Best for: Wellness Seekers.
  3. Ambergris Caye, Belize. Best for: Avid divers.
  4. Bahamas. Best for: Foodies.
  5. Anguilla. Best for: Beach Bums.
  6. Mustique. Best for: Royals.
  7. Canouan. Best for: Billionaires.
  8. St. Barts.

Which is the safest island in the Caribbean?

Which Caribbean island is the safest?

  • Montserrat. Montserrat.
  • St.Barts. St.Barts.
  • The British Virgin islands. The BVI.
  • The Cayman islands. The Cayman islands.
  • Bonaire. Bonaire.
  • Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Martinique. Martinique.
  • Barbados. Barbados.

Which is the poorest country in South America?

The Poorest Countries In South America

  1. Bolivia. Bolivia is the poorest country in South America in terms of GDP per capita.
  2. Guyana. The economy of Guyana is the second weakest in the continent.
  3. Paraguay. Paraguay is the third poorest country in South America.
  4. Ecuador.
  5. Peru.

What is the best month to go to Kauai?

Best Times to Visit Kauai. The best time to visit Kauai is between September and November or from April to June, when the weather is pleasant and airfare and hotel rates drop.

How much does it cost to live in Kauai?

2611 Kiahuna Plantation Dr # M

Grocery 166.6 100
Health 89.6 100
Housing 283.3 100
Median Home Cost $544,500 $219,700

4 more rows

How many days do you need in Kauai?

Day 1: Lihue, Poipu and Hanapepe. Start the first of your 5 days in Kauai on the sunny south coast on a road trip which combines historical towns, coastal hikes, and beaches.

Which is the biggest race in the world?

The world’s largest ethnic group is Han Chinese with Mandarin being the world’s most spoken language in terms of native speakers. Human migration has been shifting toward cities and urban centers. The urban population jumping from 29% in 1950, to 50.5% in 2005.

What’s the biggest city in the world 2018?

These Are The World’s Top-300 Most Populous Cities, 2018

  • Shanghai, China. City population: 24,153,000.
  • Beijing, China. City population: 18,590,000.
  • Karachi, Pakistan (Islamic Republic of) City population: 18,000,000.
  • Istanbul, Turkey. City population: 14,657,000.
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh. City population: 14,543,000.
  • Tokyo, Japan.
  • Moscow, Russia.
  • Manila, Philippines.
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Which country has the most billionaires?

The U.S. still leads the pack, but Asia is now the region home to the most billionaires.

Country Billionaire Rank Number of Billionaires
United States 1 680
China 2 338
Germany 3 152
India 4 104

6 more rows

Are Caribbeans Latino?

The U.S. government’s Office of Management and Budget has defined Hispanic or Latino people as being those who “trace their origin or descent to Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central, and South America (other than Guyana, French Guiana, and Suriname), and other Spanish cultures”.

What race are Jamaicans considered?

Jamaicans. Jamaicans are the citizens of Jamaica and their descendants in the Jamaican diaspora. Most Jamaicans are of African descent, with smaller minorities of Europeans, East Indians, Chinese and others or mixed ancestry.

What race are Colombians?

Colombia officially acknowledges three ethnic minority groups: the Afro-Colombian, indigenous, and Romani populations. The Afro-Colombian population consists mainly of blacks, mulattoes, raizales, palenqueros, and zambos (a term used since colonial times for individuals of mixed Amerindian and black ancestry).

What is the population of Caribbean?

44.42 million (2019)

What is the capital of West Indies?


Province Capital Population
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Kingstown 83,000
Trinidad and Tobago Port-of-Spain 900,000
Turks and Caicos Islands (attached to Jamaica) Cockburn Town 6,000
Federation of the West Indies Chaguaramas 3,264,600

9 more rows

Which country has the strongest economy in the Caribbean?

The Bahamas had the region’s highest GDP (PPP) per capita, whereas Haiti had the lowest. Cuba is not included in the list due to lack of economic data. Puerto Rico is not listed since it is a U.S. territory.

List of Latin American and Caribbean countries by GDP (PPP)

Rank 1
Country Brazil
GDP (PPP) in millions (Intl$) 3,524,064
GDP (PPP) per capita (Intl$) 16,727

32 more columns

Is Argentina a rich or poor country?

In macroeconomic terms, Argentina was one of the most stable and conservative countries until the Great Depression, after which it turned into one of the most unstable. Despite this, up until 1962 the Argentine per capita GDP was higher than of Austria, Italy, Japan and of its former colonial master, Spain.

Is Venezuela the poorest country in South America?

Poverty in South America is high in most countries. All of the countries in South America are greatly affected by poverty to some extent. From 1999 to 2010, poverty dropped from 43.8% to 31.8%. The countries that have the highest rates are Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela.

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