Quick Answer: Which Is The Biggest Smartphone Company In The World?

​ World’s 5 most biggest smartphone companies.

The quarterly ranking of the smartphone makers in the world is out and gives us a glimpse of how each company performed in the last quarter.

According to a report by IDC, Samsung remains the leader and Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has surpassed Apple.

Which phone sold the most in 2018?

Worldwide Smartphone Market, Top 5 Company Shipments, Market Share, and Year-over-Year Growth, Q2 2018 (shipments in millions)
Vendor 2Q18 Shipments 2Q18 Market Share
1. Samsung 71.5 20.9%
2. Huawei 54.2 15.8%
3. Apple 41.3 12.1%

5 more rows

Which is the largest mobile company in the world?

Top 10 largest Mobile Companies in the World – 2018

  • Samsung. Samsung is ruling the mobile market all over the world.
  • Apple. In the smartphone market, the identity of Apple is iPhone and it is the reason for Apple’s second position in the smartphone market.
  • Huawei. Huawei is the third leading mobile company in the world.
  • OPPO.
  • Vivo.
  • Xiaomi.
  • OnePlus.
  • Lenovo.

Which phone company sells the most phones?

Who Sells the Most Cell Phones?

Global Smart Phone Sales (by units sold)
Rank Company Global Market Share 2015 Q2
1 Samsung 21.4%
2 Apple 13.9%
3 Huawei 8.7%

5 more rows

Which smartphone sells the most?

5 best selling smartphones of all time

  1. 70 million – Galaxy S3 / iPhone 5. Both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone clocked in around 70 million reported sales over their lifetime.
  2. 78 million – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
  3. 80 million – Galaxy S4.
  4. 150 million – Nokia 5230.
  5. 220 million – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
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World’s most popular smartphone brands, Q1 2018

  • 1st: Samsung – Q1 2018 market share = 20.5 per cent.
  • 2nd: Apple – Q1 2018 market share = 14.1 per cent.
  • 3rd: Huawei – Q1 2018 market share = 10.5 per cent.
  • 4th: Xiaomi – Q1 2018 market share = 7.4 per cent.
  • 5th: Oppo – Q1 2018 market share = 7.3 per cent .

What is the biggest selling phone in the world?

The best-selling flip phone is the Motorola RAZR V3, released in 2004. It sold over 130 million units. The best-selling slider phone is the Samsung E250, released in 2006. It has sold over 30 million units.

Which phone company is the richest?

Without much ado, let’s get down to the brass tacks and learn more details about the top 10 richest companies in the world by revenue.

  1. Royal Dutch Shell – $240 billion revenue in 2017.
  2. Berkshire Hathway – $223.7 billion revenue in 2017.
  3. Apple Inc. – $215.6 billion revenue in 2017.
  4. Exxon Mobil – $205 billion revenue in 2017.

Which phone sells the most?

Here are the best-selling cell phones of all time:

  • Nokia 1100 – 250 million sold.
  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus – 220 million sold.
  • Nokia 3210 – 160 million sold.
  • Nokia 1200 – 150 million.
  • Nokia 2600 – 135 million.
  • Motorola RAZR V3 – 130 million sold.
  • Nokia 3310 – 126 million.
  • Nokia 1208 – 100 million.

Which is the number one smartphone brand in the world?

Huawei is currently the world’s second largest smartphone brand, surpassing Apple in volume for two consecutive quarters.

Top 6 best-selling smartphone brands in the world.

Vendor Samsung
3Q18 units 74.5 million
3Q18 Market Share 19.6%
Market Share estimate 20.4%

7 more columns

Best phone in the US for 2019: the top 15 smartphones we’ve

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.
  2. iPhone XS Max.
  3. Google Pixel 3.
  4. Samsung Galaxy S10e.
  5. OnePlus 6T.
  6. Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
  7. iPhone XR.
  8. Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

What is the best selling phone 2019?

Best smartphone 2019: Find the best phone for you

  • 1 Xiaomi Mi 9.
  • 2 Google Pixel 3.
  • 3 OnePlus 6T.
  • 4 Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.
  • 5 Huawei P30 Pro.
  • 6 Huawei Mate 20 Pro.
  • 7 iPhone XS.
  • 8 Honor View 20.
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What is the number 1 phone brand?

The best smartphone right now is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: the best smartphone.
  2. Huawei P30 Pro.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S10.
  4. Huawei Mate 20 Pro.
  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
  6. iPhone XS.
  7. Huawei P30.
  8. Google Pixel 3 XL.

What is the best phone brand in the world?

Below is a brief of the top 10 Smartphone brands in the world in 2017 basing on the brand valuation and revenue data.

  • 1) Samsung.
  • 2) Apple.
  • 3) Huawei.
  • 4) Lenovo.
  • 5) Xiaomi.
  • 6) LG.
  • 7) ZTE.
  • 8) Oppo.

How many phones did Samsung sell in 2018?

Over 1.2 billion smartphones were sold to end users worldwide in 2016 alone. The smartphone industry is expected to continue to grow, as the number of smartphone users worldwide is forecast to exceed 2.5 billion by 2018. The global smartphone market is still dominated by two major vendors, Apple and Samsung.

Which phone is the best in the world?

The world’s best smartphones right now

  1. Huawei P20 Pro.
  2. iPhone XS Max.
  3. iPhone 8 Plus.
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
  5. Honor Play.
  6. Google Pixel 3 XL. The best smartphone for photos and video.
  7. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Samsung’s best camera contender.
  8. Sony Xperia XZ Premium. A more affordable smartphone for video than the Google Pixel 3XL.

Who is the number one smartphone maker?

According to a report by IDC, Samsung remains the leader and Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has surpassed Apple. Smartphone makers shipped a total of 342.0 million units during the second quarter of 2018 (2Q18), resulting in a 1.8% decline when compared to the 348.2 million units shipped in the second quarter of 2017.

What are the top 10 phone brands?

World’s top 10 mobile phone companies

  • Samsung. Feburary 13, 2014.
  • Nokia. Feburary 13, 2014.
  • Apple. Feburary 13, 2014.
  • LG. Feburary 13, 2014.
  • ZTE. Feburary 13, 2014.
  • Huawei. Feburary 13, 2014.
  • TCL. Feburary 13, 2014.
  • Lenovo. Feburary 13, 2014.

How many smartphones sold 2018?

In 2018, around 1.56 billion smartphones were sold worldwide. In the first quarter of 2018, around 86 percent of all smartphones sold to end users were phones with the Android operating system.

The most popular cell phone in April was Apple’s newest phone, the iPhone XR, followed very closely by the Samsung Galaxy S10e.

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Is Huawei better than Samsung?

Samsung wins the design round. AMOLED screens have better quality and are more flexible than OLED screens, and the pinhole is a better screen design than the teardrop notch. As well, the S10 feels sleeker compared to the P30 range.

What is the number one selling smartphone?

Overall, Samsung shipped the most smartphones last quarter with 78 million units, according to Counterpoint Resesarch, followed by Apple (52.2 million) and Huawei/Honor (39.3 million).

Is xiaomi a good brand?

Here’s why Redmi as an independent brand is good for Xiaomi — but even better for budget smartphone users. One of the popular smartphone manufacturers in India, Xiaomi , announced that its Redmi phones would become their own brand on January 4.

Who is the best mobile phone company?

Best cell phone services 2019: which phone provider should you pick?

Product Price Overall Rating
Verizon Wireless Check Price 9.1
T-Mobile Cell Phone Service Check Price 8.7
AT&T Cell Phone Service Check Price 8.4
MetroPCS Check Price 8.1

6 more rows

Is Huawei bigger than Apple?

Huawei gas enjoyed MASSIVE growth over the past couple of years and is now BIGGER than Apple’s iPhone. That’s the power of Apple’s brand. However, Apple is no longer the top dog when it comes to sales of handsets. Nope: Huawei just knocked it down a spot to claim second place behind the mighty Samsung.

How many phones did iPhone sell in 2018?

From that point of the billionth iPhone until the end of Q3 2018, Apple has shipped 417.9 million iPhones. Given typical iPhone sales for the fourth quarter, Apple will be at around 465 million units, and will have passed the 1.5 billion units milestone by the first quarter of 2019.

Does Apple or Samsung sell more phones?

Apple sold 74.83m smartphones worldwide, ahead of the 73.03m phones sold by Samsung, according to a report by research firm Gartner. Apple’s smartphones sales jumped about 49pc in the fourth quarter, according to Gartner. In contrast,Samsung, the market dominator since 2011, recorded a nearly 12pc fall.

The global market share for smartphones is dominated by Google’s Android system, which owns 85%, compared to 15% for Apple’s iOS, according to researcher IDC. But the iPhone is the most popular smartphone brand, having opened a huge gap compared to No. 2 Samsung’s Galaxy phones at 33 million.

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