What is the richest city in Virginia?

Rank City Median Income
1 Vienna $161,196
2 Poquoson $97,118
3 Leesburg $114,444
4 Falls Church $127,610

What is the richest town in Virginia?

Great Falls is the richest town in Virginia and one of the richest in the entire country. The median annual household income is over $228,000 — more than triple that of the state.

What is the wealthiest county in VA?

The two richest counties are, Loudon County and Falls Church City in Virginia, which are just outside Washington’s city limits. They have average household incomes of $140,382 and $137,551 respectively.

What is the poorest city in Virginia?

(The Center Square) – Farmville was ranked the poorest town in Virginia in a 24/7 Wall St. analysis examining small, lower-income communities where households earn much less than the nation’s median annual household income.

Are there any billionaires in Virginia?

Four Virginia billionaires—Jacqueline Mars, Pamela Mars, Daniel D’Aniello and William Conway, Jr. —saw their wealth grow by 13, 12, 19, and 21 percent, respectively.

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Is Fairfax Virginia a good place to live?

Fairfax is a suburb of Washington, D.C. and is one of the best places to live in Virginia. With a population of 23,580, living in this gorgeous independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia offers residents a beautiful suburban feel with an urban touch. Coffee shops, restaurants, parks, you name it – Fairfax has it!

What city has the most billionaires?

New York City alone houses more billionaires than almost any country in the world with 113 billionaires.

Is 150k a good salary in Virginia?

Up here, you probably want a family income over 150k to live comfortably for a married couple, and more than that if you want to also retire comfortably some day, send some kids to college, drive a decent car, pay for daycare, etc. But in pretty much the rest of VA, you can get by in a LOT less.

What is the best county to live in Virginia?

Detailed List Of The Best Counties In Virginia

County Rank Population
Arlington County 1 233,464
Falls Church City 2 14,128
Poquoson City 3 12,090
Goochland County 4 22,865

What area in Virginia has the lowest income?

Here Are The 10 Poorest Cities and Counties In Virginia

  • Radford: median household income $30,714. …
  • Grayson County: median household income $30,710. …
  • Danville: median household income: $30,768. …
  • Lee County: median household income $31,308. …
  • Franklin: median household income $31,928. …
  • Emporia: median household income $32,155. …
  • Bristol: median household income $32,221.
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What is the cheapest city to live in Virginia?

The Most Affordable Places To Live In Virginia

Rank City Population
1 Covington 5,598
2 Pulaski 8,799
3 Big Stone Gap 5,257
4 Vinton 8,083

How much do you need to make to live comfortably in Virginia?

We have rankings of Virginia places, county-by-county, based on affordability (see below). The group, for instance, estimates a family of two adults and two children in the City of Alexandria would need to earn a combined $105,239 per year — or $8,770 a month — to live comfortably.

What is the best city in Virginia to live?

5 Best Places to Live in Virginia

  1. Centreville. With a population of over 73,000, Centreville is a mid-sized city that has plenty of diversity. …
  2. Richmond. The capital of Virginia offers big-city living and a thriving economy to move up in your profession. …
  3. Williamsburg. …
  4. Bon Air. …
  5. Moseley.

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What is the safest town in Virginia?

Safest Cities in Virginia – 2021

  • Fittingly, Virginia’s safest cities have crime rates on par with the safest cities in the United States. …
  • Purcellville, a small town of just over 10,000 in Loudoun County, is the safest community in Virginia. …
  • Coming in #2 is Hampton, a large city of nearly 134K that boasts very low crime rates for a city its size.

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How many millionaires are there in Virginia?

In Virginia, there are 248,958 millionaire households, for a ratio to total households of 7.66 percent, according to the Phoenix Marketing International report that tracks high net-worth households. Our state slipped two places since 2017.

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Who is the richest person in Virginia 2020?

The richest resident in Virginia is Jacqueline Mars, 79, who owns an estimated one third of Mars, Inc., the world’s largest candy maker. Mars, who lives in The Plains in Fauquier County, shares the No. 10 spot with her brother, John Mars, each of whom is worth $28.1 billion.

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