Which atom has the highest second ionization energy?

Lithium has the highest second ionization energy.

Which of the following elements has the largest second ionization energy ie2 )?

Li has the largest second ionization energy (IE2).

What is the correct order of second ionization energy?

Answer: The correct order of second ionisation potential of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine is: O>F>N>C.

Which group has the lowest second ionization energy?

Answer: The group 2 has the lowest second ionisation energy.

Which elements have the highest ionization energy?

The ionization energy decreases from top to bottom in groups, and increases from left to right across a period. Thus, helium has the largest first ionization energy, while francium has one of the lowest.

What is the correct order of ionization energy?


What is the second ionization energy of oxygen?

Ionisation Energies and electron affinity

Ionisation energy number Enthalpy / kJ mol‑1
1st 1313.94
2nd 3388.67
3rd 5300.47
4th 7469.27

Which has the highest second ionisation potential?

After removal of a electron O acquires stable half filled configuration . It is not easy to remove a electron from such stable configuration . Therefore oxygen has higher second ionization potential.

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Which group has lowest first ionization energy?

The group of elements which have the lowest ionization energy are the alkali metals.

Which has a higher second ionization energy Na or MG?

So after it losing its one electron it becomes more stable by attaining noble gas configuration and hence more enthalpy is required to remove an electron from the stable atom hence the second ionisation enthalpy of sodium is greater than that of Magnesium.

Why second ionization energy is higher than first?

An element’s second ionization energy is the energy required to remove the outermost, or least bound, electron from a 1+ ion of the element. Because positive charge binds electrons more strongly, the second ionization energy of an element is always higher than the first.

How do you determine the highest ionization energy?

If you must determine which element from a list has the highest ionization energy, find the elements’ placements on the periodic table. Remember that elements near the top of the periodic table and further to the right of the periodic table have higher ionization energies.

Why are there exceptions to ionization energy?

Exceptions to the Ionization Energy Trend

The first ionization energy of boron is less than that of beryllium and the first ionization energy of oxygen is less than that of nitrogen. The reason for the discrepancy is due to the electron configuration of these elements and Hund’s rule.

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