Quick Answer: Which Sector Is The Largest Employer?

Who is the largest employer in the world 2018?

  • China Post: 941,211 employees.
  • Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: 1 million employees.
  • United Kingdom National Health Service: 1.3 million employees.
  • Walmart: 2.3 million employees.
  • People’s Liberation Army: 2.35 million employees.
  • United States Department of Defense: 2.87 million employees.

What industry is the largest employer in the US?

The retail industry is the largest employer in the United States, according to World Atlas, and 10 percent of total employment in the United States is in retail.

Who is the largest employer in the world?

Largest private and semiprivate employers

Private and semipublic companies with the most employees in the world
Rank Employer Country
1 Walmart United States
2 China National Petroleum China
3 China Post Group China

7 more rows

Which sector creates the most jobs?

Which sector will create the most jobs?

  1. Private sector services together with accommodation and restaurant are expected to create jobs at the fastest rate of any sector in the economy for the next five years.
  2. The utilities sector produced jobs at the highest rate between 2010-2013, but it is not expected to continue doing so.
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Who is the biggest employer in US?

Employment by company

hideUnited States Largest Private Employers (as of 2017)
Rank Employer Global number of Employees
1 Walmart 2,300,000
2 Amazon 1,566,000
3 Yum China 450,000

22 more rows

What employer has the most employees?

  • Indian Railways: 1.4 million employees.
  • Indian Armed Forces: 1.4 million employees.
  • McDonald’s: 1.5 million employees.
  • China National Petroleum Corporation: 1.5 million employees.
  • Walmart: 2.3 million employees.
  • People’s Liberation Army: 2.35 million employees.
  • United States Department of Defense: 2.87 million employees.

Is the US military the largest employer?

The U.S. Department of Defense has been named the largest employer in the world with 3.2 million employees on its payroll, according to the World Economic Forum. The second largest is China’s People’s Liberation Army with 2.3 million on its staff roster and third biggest is Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

What are the top 10 employers?

Top 10 Largest Employers in the USA

  1. The Company: Walmart. Number of Employees: 2.3 million.
  2. The Company: Amazon. Number of Employees: 541,900.
  3. The Company: Kroger. Number of Employees: 443,000.
  4. The Company: Yum! Brands.
  5. The Company: The Home Depot. Number of Employees: 406,000.
  6. The Company: IBM. Number of Employees: 380,000.

What state has most federal employees?

The federal government currently employs about 2 million full-time employees, excluding Postal Service workers. States with the most federal civilian employees as of June 2018 were California, the District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland and Texas.

What company has the most money?

Here are top 10 most valuable brands, according to the firm’s rankings:

  • Amazon. Brand value: $150.8 billion.
  • Apple. Brand value: $146.3 billion.
  • Google. Brand value: $120.9 billion.
  • Samsung. Brand value: $92.3 billion.
  • Facebook. Brand value: $89.7 billion.
  • AT&T. Brand value: $82.4 billion.
  • Microsoft.
  • Verizon.
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Who is the largest retailer in the world?

Walmart Is Currently The World’s Largest Retailer, But Alibaba And Amazon Are Closing In.

How many companies in the US have more than 1000 employees?

Based on all of the data I found I would estimate that there are approximately 12,500 companies with more than 1000 employees in the U.S. currently.

How Many Companies in the U.S. Have Over 1000 Employees?

Firms with 1,000 to 1,499 employees 2,916
Firms with 2,000 to 2,499 employees 942
Firms with 2,500 to 4,999 employees 1,920
Firms with 5,000 employees or more 1,927

3 more rows

Which industry is the second largest employer in India?

The IT industry continues to be the largest private-sector employer in India. India is the second-largest start-up hub in the world with over 3,100 technology start-ups in 2018–19.

Economy of India.

GDP by sector Agriculture: 17.32% Industry: 29.02% Services: 53.66% (2016 est.)
Inflation (CPI) 2.05% (January 2019)

39 more rows

What are the top three industries that employ photographers?

Industry profile for this occupation: Top

Industry Employment (1) Percent of industry employment
Radio and Television Broadcasting 3,320 1.53
Newspaper, Periodical, Book, and Directory Publishers 2,470 0.74
Motion Picture and Video Industries 1,720 0.42
Electronic Shopping and Mail-Order Houses 1,280 0.32

1 more row

Which industry has the most employees?

Total employed persons in the U.S. in 2018, by industry (in 1,000s)

Industry Employment in thousands
Education and health services 35,043
Wholesale and retail trade 20,270
Professional and business services 18,950
Manufacturing 15,560

9 more rows

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Who is the number 1 employer in the US?

Most famously, Wal-Mart Stores, which owns Walmart and Sam’s Club, employs roughly 2.2 million people worldwide and is the largest private employer in the United States.

Who is the largest employer in Canada?

The largest single employer in Canada is the Canadian Federal Government. There are somewhere around 250,000 Federal civil servants (not including the military or the RCMP).

What is the largest single site employer in the world?

Below is a list of the largest global employers based on the number of employee headcount in the companies.

The World’s Largest Employers.

Rank Employer Employees (Millions)
1 United States Department of Defense 3.2
2 People’s Liberation Army (China) 2.3
3 Walmart 2.1
4 McDonald’s 1.7

7 more rows

Who is the largest company in the world?

There’s a new list of the world’s 10 largest companies—and tech isn’t on it

Rank Company Revenues (in billions of US dollars)
7 Volkswagen 260
8 BP 244.5
9 Exxon Mobil 244.3
10 Berkshire Hathaway 242

6 more rows

How many employees does the largest company have?

Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) is the world’s largest publicly traded employer, with approximately 2.2 million employees across the globe, a number greater than the population of cities such as Houston, Philadelphia, and Phoenix. In all, nearly 100 publicly-traded companies worldwide employ at least 175,000 workers each.

What is the biggest private company?

A total of 219 firms made the Forbes annual ranking of America’s largest private companies.

The Richest Private Companies in the World

  1. Enterprise Holdings. Revenue: $20.9 billion.
  2. HEB Grocery. Revenue: $23 billion.
  3. Reyes Holdings.
  4. C&S Wholesale Grocers.
  5. EY.
  6. Bechtel Group.
  7. Publix.
  8. Mars.

Photo in the article by “United States Department of State” https://www.state.gov/reports/to-walk-the-earth-in-safety-2018/

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