Best answer: How do you wake up the Liepard in Pokemon Snap?

To move the Liepard at night in Founja Jungle, move the Pikipek that are also sitting with it. As soon as the Pokémon are within your field of vision, play music. This will make the Pikipek wake up and fly off.

How do you get the Liepard move in Pokemon Snap?

They can move the Liepard by simply tossing Illumina Orbs at it, once it is hit, the Liepard will move away from that area. This will then allow them to use the Waterfall Path in New Pokemon Snap.

Whats behind the waterfall Pokemon Snap river?

Behind the Arbok is a waterfall which you’ll need to scan. Once you’ve scanned the waterfall you’ll be notified that it contains a Crystalbloom flower. Aim at the flower with your Illumina Orb. If you successfully hit it, you’ll notice Gyarados swim along the river right in front of you.

How do I get a 3-star Swampert?

>>1 The easiest way to get a 3-star is to use the Melody ro awaken the three Ledian earlier in the course and hit them with Illumina Balls, then take the Alternate Route behind the waterfall. The Swampert behind the waterfall will be awake, and a picture of it watching the Ledians’ performance will be 3 stars.

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