Best answer: Why is it called Uber Pokémon?

Why then, you may ask, are these Pokemon considered Uber? Wobbuffet and Wynaut are Uber because they have the power to let any Pokemon in the game set up freely, or kill at least one of the opponents Pokemon with ease.

What is uber Pokemon?

The Uber tier is a tier that prominently features Legendary Pokemon and Pokemon with base stat totals above 600. This is the only tier that allows the use of Legendaries such as Kyogre or Mewtwo. However, Mega Rayquaza and Mega Mewtwo X/Y are banned from this tier as they are viewed as too powerful for this tier.

Why is deoxys D Uber?

Why this Pokémon is unviable

Deoxys-D is mostly plagued by its typing and stat spread. … On top of this, while its Defense and Special Defense are massive, its low HP stat makes them less impressive in the long run and forces Deoxys-D to invest EVs into both HP and a defensive stat in order to tank key hits in Ubers.

Is Uber a Mewtwo?

If this Pokemon is the target of a foe’s move, that move loses one additional PP. While this Pokemon is active, it prevents opposing Pokemon from using their Berries.


Min (-ve nature, 0 IVs) 238
Max Positive (+2) 788
Special Attacker 394
Physical Attacker 394
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What are Ubers in Pixelmon?

Ubers is the most inclusive of Smogon’s tiers, aiming to allow the use of as many Pokemon as competitively possible. Ubers is not influenced by Pokemon usage in OU, UU, RU, NU, or PU and the usage of Pokemon in Ubers has no influence on the compositions of those tiers.

Why is Wobbuffet banned?

Wobbuffet is banned for two reasons. … Wobbuffet will not end if they are holding Leftovers, because Leftovers heals more than Wobbuffet can hit with Struggle. However, it can be a powerful Pokemon to set up a Belly Drum sweeper if you Encore a non-attacking move.

Why is darkrai banned?

When Dark Void is used in battle, it has an 80% chance of inflicting Sleep on all of the enemy’s Pokémon. This was reduced to 50% in the later games. Dark Void is the signature move of Darkrai, who is a powerful Legendary Pokémon. … The reason that a special ban is put into place for Dark Void is because of Smeargle.

Why is Gliscor illegal?

holy heck, some defensively-inclined Pokemon are obnoxious. So why is Gliscor banned? Whenever players see Gliscor, they can usually be sure that they’re in for a long and frustrating battle. It has the Poison Heal ability, and will almost always carry a Toxic Orb to take advantage of that.

Is Zacian banned from Ubers?

The Ubers Council has decided to suspect Zacian-Hero! Essentially nothing available to us is safe from Zacian-Hero’s onslaught if it uses a boosting item like Choice Band. Because of this, Zacian-Hero contantly forces 50/50s and can straight up end the game if you get it wrong even once.

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Is Greninja a uber?

Greninja has a high Speed stat that allows it to function well as a suicide lead in Ubers. Furthermore, Greninja has a great ability, Protean, which allows it to switch its type depending on what move it uses, meaning it can easily play around opponents.

Why is mega rayquaza banned?

It is tied with Mega Mewtwo Pokémon for the highest base stats of any Pokémon ever – 780 or about the firepower of 2.5 Pikachus. Therefore, the banning of Mega Rayquaza is related to its own abilities: … Its move known as “Dragon Ascent” can conquest nearly any Pokémon in the battle in one hit.

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