Can a Pokémon have 3 egg moves?

How many egg moves can a Pokémon have?

Something you may be wondering is how many egg moves a Pokemon can have. Technically, it can fill all four of its learned move slots with egg moves, so long as the parents know them.

Can you get multiple egg moves?

To learn more than one egg move, since they are only passed on by the father, only a father Pokémon in the appropriate Egg Group that can legitimately have all of the moves in one moveset can be used. This makes certain combinations of egg moves impossible for certain Pokémon.

Can a Pokémon learn more than one egg move?

To learn multiple egg moves the father must know all the moves. For example to get Zoroark with Sucker Punch and Memento, you need to find a Pokemon in the same egg group that knows both those moves.

What Pokémon has the most egg moves?

EDIT: Sceptile has 15. Most of the starters have a lot of egg moves. EDIT2: Torterra has 15 as well. EDIT3: Sorry, yet again, Swampert has 16.

What tier is Cinderace?

Evolving from Scorbunny to Raboot at level five, and to Cinderace at level seven, this Fire-type Pokemon is definitely S-tier. Cinderace is easy to play and does its job well. It has the Blazing Bicycle Kick ability which gives critical damage to opponents, making it a powerful weapon in any match.

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Are egg moves guaranteed?

1 Answer. There is no percentage for getting an egg move. When you pass down egg moves the Egg will know them when they hatch. Guaranteed.

What can breed with Dratini?

The most prominent Pokemon Dragonite can breed with are those in the Water 1 egg group, which includes Blastoise, the Slowpoke line, Intelleon, Gastrodon, and Drednaw.

What egg moves can Charmander learn?

Egg moves

Move Type Power
Dragon Rush Dragon 100
Dragon Tail Dragon 60
Metal Claw Steel 50
Wing Attack Flying 60

What is riolu hidden ability?

Steadfast. 2. Inner Focus. Prankster (hidden ability)

What can Bulbasaur breed with?

1 Answer. One of these two Pokemon has to be Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur otherwise it is not possible to breed a Bulbasaur. If it is a female you have to breed it with a male Pokemon from the Grass or Monster egg group (click links to find out exactly which ones).

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