Can you make a Pokemon Trainer Club account?

Is a Pokemon Trainer Club account free?

There are no fees associated with creating or maintaining a Pokémon Trainer Club account. For more information on how to set up your free Pokémon Trainer Club account, please go to and click join now.

Do I need a Pokemon Trainer Club account?

Pokémon Support

No, Pokémon TCG Online play does not require a Nintendo Account or Nintendo device, so it is not necessary to link your Pokémon Trainer Club account to a Nintendo Account to participate in Pokémon TCG Online events.

Does Pokemon Trainer Club delete account?

Log in to your Pokémon Trainer Club account at From your Profile page, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Request Data Deletion. A Delete Your Account page will display. … A confirmation page will display confirming that you have successfully deleted your Pokémon Trainer Club account.

Is it possible to transfer your Pokémon GO account to trainer club?

Once your account is linked, you can use that login provider to sign into your Pokémon GO account. At this time, you cannot transfer your account’s login method from a Google Account to Pokémon Trainer Club or vice versa.

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How much does Trainer Pokemon cost?

The average price is $33.79.

Current prices range from $0.99 to $249.99. Use the check boxes to choose comparables and save a price estimate.

Does Pokémon GO delete inactive accounts?

All game data associated with your account will be completely and permanently deleted. To permanently delete your Pokémon GO account, please submit a request through our web-based Help Center and select “Delete My Account” from the dropdown menu.

What is PTC account?

A Pokémon Trainer Club (PTC) account is used to sign in to several mobile apps and games, such as the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online and Pokémon TV. … A PTC account allows parents to set limits on some in-game features for their kid’s account.

Does Niantic delete inactive accounts?

If your Account is inactive (i.e., not used or logged-into) for a period of time, we will notify you via the Services or in the App prior to termination of your Account. You may terminate your Account at any time by visiting the App help centers.

How long does it take to delete Pokemon Trainer Club account?

Points to note:

Removal of data and deletion of account will take a few days or weeks to complete. Permanent deletion of the data and account is completely irreversible. You will not be able to use your previous e-mail ID to create a new account on Pokemon Go.

Is the Pokemon Trainer Club Safe?

We have taken steps to ensure that the Pokémon TCG Online experience is fun and safe for everyone. Inappropriate, foul, or mean-spirited language and behavior is not tolerated. The Pokémon Company International takes the privacy and safety of our players seriously.

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