Can you trade between Pokemon Blue and Fire Red?

Can a Pokemon evolve if you trade with another Pokemon?

Can you trade between leaf green and red?

Trade Not Possible from Pokémon Red to Pokémon LeafGreen

Sorry, but it’s not possible to trade from Pokémon Red to Pokémon LeafGreen. … If you play the remake of Pokémon Red (Pokémon FireRed for the Game Boy Advance) you can trade pokémon from Pokémon FireRed to Pokémon LeafGreen.

What games can Pokémon Blue trade with?

As well as trading with each other and Pokémon Yellow, Pokémon Red and Blue can trade Pokémon with the second generation of Pokémon games: Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

Can you evolve Kadabra without trading?

You can’t, for the exact reasons you stated. While it would be possible if one of the ingame traders was willing to trade one, according to the Bulbapedia ingame trade list there is no such trader.

Who is better Kadabra or Mr. Mime?

Mr. Mime has better staying power with better Defense and Special Defense. Kadabra is faster and stronger, but Mr. Mime is usually able to OHKO anything Kadabra can.

Can you evolve Graveler without trading?

You normally cannot trade between emulators, making it difficult to get Graveler to evolve. There is a special version of the VBA emulator called VBALink that allows you to run up to four instances of it at once.

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How soon can you trade in leaf green?

Before you can trade from Pokémon LeafGreen to Pokémon FireRed, in both games you need to get the Pokédex from Professor Oak in Pallet Town, and you need to have at least two pokémon in your party. You also need to talk to Celio in the One Island Pokémon Center and complete his quest.

Is Lickitung good fire red?

Anyway Lickitung is actually good here, since it will be at least level 33 and Surge tops at 23. Still, Raichu can do some real damage with Shock Wave.

Can you trade between fire red and emerald?

Yes since they are both Generation 3 games you can trade between the two.

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