Do any Pokemon evolve with glacial lure?

Does anything evolve with a glacial lure?

Eevees evolved within the influence of a glacial lure will evolve into Glaceon. Eevees evolved within the influence of a mossy lure will evolve into Leafeon.

What does the glacial lure attract?

Glacial Lure Modules attract certain Pokémon that love the cold, such as some Water- and Ice-type Pokémon.

Do any lures attract Dragon Pokémon?

Some players have reported finding Dragon-type Pokémon in parks, large city districts, and exploring on windy days. Unfortunately, you won’t have any lures available to bring them to a reliable PokéStop. … There’s no sure-fire way to obtain Dragon-type Pokémon.

What evolves with glacial lure module?

Glacial Lure Module

One of the more specific lure modules, Glacial lure modules will only attract Ice and Water types. Players with Eevee can also use this module to evolve into Glaceon.

What Pokémon evolve with a grassy lure?

Leafeon, a Grass-type Pokemon, can be obtained by evolving Eevee within range of a PokeStop that has a Mossy Lure Module attached.

What needs a magnetic lure to evolve?

To evolve Magneton into Magnezone, you’ll need to be around a Magnetic Lure Module placed on a PokéStop. Once you’re in its range, you can evolve it using 100 Magnemite Candy. The prompt to evolve your Magneton will turn green from red once you can evolve it.

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