How do I get passed the big ghost in Pokemon Tower?

How do you get to the top of Pokemon Tower?

The Pokémon Tower is really linear and there aren’t really any tricks to getting through. Just fighting all the trainers and continue on up. You might as well use a Repel on yourself after you’ve caught Gastly and Haunter, although you might get lucky and encounter a Cubone once in a while…

What does ghastly evolve into?

What level are Gary’s Pokémon in lavender town?


Trainer Pokémon Level
Gary Ivysaur 32
Charmeleon 32
Wartortle 32
Rocket Grunt Tyler Raticate 26

How do I wake up snorlax?

To wake up Snorlax and get an opportunity to battle it, players have to use the Poke Flute. The Poke Flute is unfortunately only obtainable by progressing through the story of the game though, and is not an item that can be bought.

How do you get to the top of Lavender Town Tower?

Get the Silph Scope and go back to Lavender Town.

Lavender Town is filled with spooky ghosts roaming the tall tower filled with graves. During your first visit in Pokemon Let’s Go, you’ll find that a strange spirit will block your way to the top.

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