How do you become a member of Pokemon Revolution Online?

Membership is activated on one’s account via usage of a Membership Medallion—a Coin Shop-purchasable item that Membership is derived from. It can be obtained through the Coin Shop.

Can you play Pokemon Revolution online with friends?

In order to add friends, you can type /friend <Username> in the in-game chat. Do note that using the command on a friend who is online will remove <username> from your friend’s list. Alternatively, you can right click on your friend’s name in chat or on his character in-game and select the “Friend” option to add him.

Does Nintendo know about Pokemon Revolution Online?

No. This is not a Nintendo-developed, -endorsed, or -sanctioned game; this is a fan-made game developed and maintained by a syndicate of volunteers–by both the staff and community, to varying extents.

Does Pokemon Revolution Online have viruses?

First of all, you don’t have to worry about that there is virus in your computer. It’s a false alert. In order to fix the issue, you have to add an exception for the client in your Firewall and Antivirus which is different for every Antivirus programm. You can also disable your Antivirus which isn’t recommended.

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How do you unlock the daycare in Pokemon Revolution Online?

Daycare centers are sites that are made accessible upon defeating Naero in Cerulean Cave B1F; as a corollary, you will also inherit access to the following: Egg Move-tutors.

Can you use fly in Pokemon Revolution Online?

It’s true, you can’t use fly out of battle. In PRO there is an underground system for Kanto-Johto and teleport for Hoenn to help you move from town to town.

Can you catch moltres in Pokemon Revolution?

Moltres is a dual-type Fire / Flying Pokémon. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon. Along with Zapdos and Articuno, it is one of the three Legendary birds of Kanto.


#146 Moltres
Rarity Tier 10 Catch rate 3/255 (0.39%)
Base stats HP 90 Atk 100 Def 90 Sp.Atk 125 Sp.Def 85 Spd 90 Base-stat total: 580

Is Pokemon Revolution pay to win?

Revolution’s unique story, unique animations, non-pay-to-win cash shop, and difficulty make for some very interesting, very compelling gameplay and I couldn’t have enjoyed my time anymore than I did.

Is there exp share in Pokemon Revolution Online?

Fluffles. Hi there. Unfortunately, there isn’t an Exp Share in PRO.

What is the best online Pokemon game?

9 Free Fan-Made Pokémon MMOs All Trainers Will Love

  1. Pokémon Revolution Online. When it comes to fan-made Pokémon MMORPG games, Pokémon Revolution Online is at the top of the heap. …
  2. PokéMMO. …
  3. Pokémon World Online. …
  4. Pokémon Planet. …
  5. Pokémon MMO 3D. …
  6. PokéOne. …
  7. Pokémon Legends. …
  8. Pokémon Rise.
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Is it safe to download Pokemon Revolution Online?

You can download PRO (Pokémon Revolution Online) from the official website or from one of the download links below. … All download links itemized here are reputable; therefore, if your anti-virus program(s) and/or Firewall are flagging it as harmful, you can consider it a false positive.

What generation is Pokemon Revolution?

Category:Generation VI Pokémon – Pokémon Revolution Online Wiki.

Can you restart Pokemon Revolution?

The staff team don’t do any account reset services at the moment. There is not any estimated time when it will be available again. Once we do, we will be announcing it in our official Discord server.

How do you unlock cerulean cave in revolution?

The entrance is north-east of the city, reachable from the waterway on Route 24. As one of the end-game training areas, it is only made accessible upon completing the Cerulean Cave quest. This requires access to both Kanto and Johto, and therefore will not be accessible until completing all the gyms in these regions.

How does the daycare work Pokemmo?

Each pokemon in daycare receives 60% of the EXP that was obtained in the region as a bonus. – It doesn’t matter if 1 or 2 pokemon are placed in the daycare, they each receive 60% of the total exp gained. Move mechanics. The top most move will be replaced every time the pokemon is due to learn a new move.