How do you decorate Poké Balls in Pokémon Platinum?

How do you get Pokeball seals in platinum?

In the games. In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, a majority of Seals can be purchased at the Sunyshore Market, where the selection changes daily. There are also 28 Seals (the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet, an exclamation mark, and a question mark) that can be obtained by showing Unown to a boy in Solaceon Town …

What do Poké Ball seals do?

Stickers (Japanese: シール Seal), known as Seals in Generation IV, are small stickers that can be attached to Ball Capsules, which can in turn be attached to Poké Balls, to attain special effects when a Pokémon comes out of them, instead of the usual flash of light.

Which Poké Ball is chimchar in diamond?

If you use Turtwig, he will use Chimchar. If you choose Chimchar, he will use Piplup. If you take Piplup, he will use Turtwig. The assistant from earlier comes back to retrieve the briefcase and finds out that you and your friend have taken the Pokémon from the briefcase.

What is Shinx hidden ability?

Intimidate. Guts (hidden ability)

How do you get ball capsules in soul silver?

If you mean the Ball Capsule seals in Soul Silver/Heart Gold, you go to Olivine City, and head to the right where there will be two houses. Go to the house on the right of those two, and talk to the little girl on the left. She’ll give you three seals, and it’s every day!

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