How do you get to Lavaridge town in Pokemon Emerald?

After you thwart Team Aqua/Magma on Mt. Chimney and walk south through Jagged Pass, you reach Lavaridge Town.

How do you get to the fourth gym in Pokemon Emerald?


  1. You find the Gym Leader Flannery in the Lavaridge Gym. …
  2. Dude it’s simple. …
  3. You have to step on the water spouts in a certain order to get to her. …
  4. in Lavaridge town. …
  5. You have to go to the cable car up Mt. …
  6. you can find the 4th badge in Petalburg City.

Where do you go after Lavaridge town?

After you leave the gym, your neighbor gives you the Go-Goggles. Now you can go into the desert in Route 111. You can go east from Lavaridge and jump down the ledges.

Is Wynaut a good Pokemon in Emerald?

Wynaut hasn’t changed a bit since DPP; its small yet perfectly suited movepool remains the same, along with its always-useful role in helping set-up Pokemon. … With so many new threats to stop and support, Wynaut remains a very good Pokemon in this generation.

Is Wobbuffet good Pokemon in Emerald?

Wobbuffet is good because it can counter/mirror coat attacks back at its opponent with a high chance of KO’ing them because counter/mirror coat deal back twice the damage in HP. High HP and lower defenses=more damage to Wob=tons more damage to opponents.

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How long does the egg take to hatch in Pokemon Emerald?

How long does it take for an egg to hatch on Pokemon Emerald? Steps per cycle In Generations II, III and VII, Egg cycles are 256 steps long. In Generation IV, Egg cycles are 255 steps long. In Generations V and VI, Egg cycles are 257 steps long.

How do you get togepi in Emerald?

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i read that you have to defeat the first pokemon gym leader, and then go to the pokemon center. then you have to talk to the scientist there and he will supposedly give you the egg with togepi in it.