How do you heal a Pokémon with confusion?

The only way to cure a Pokémon with confusion is to retreat it back to the bench or through a Trainer card. A Confused Pokémon can also snap out of confusion if it obtains a new Special Condition, like Asleep or Paralyzed, instead.

Why does my Pokémon hurt itself in confusion?

The confused condition causes a Pokémon to hurt itself in its confusion 50% of the time. The damage is done as if the Pokémon attacked itself with a 40-power typeless physical attack (without the possibility of a critical hit).

What happens if a Pokémon is confused?

When a Pokemon is confused, indicate it by turning the card upside down. Confused Pokemon must flip a coin after they declare an attack. If heads, the attack happens as normal. If tails, the attack is canceled and the attacking Pokemon takes 30 damage instead!

How long does paralysis last Pokémon?

The paralysis can last from half an hour to 36 hours, with an average of 15 hours, at which point it resolves completely. ! Welcome to the next part of our adventure through the World of Pokémon!

Does hex work with confusion?

The Confusion Hex (incantation unknown) is a hex which impairs foes by weakening their mental awareness, making them more vulnerable to attack.

How does sleep work in Pokémon?

Pokemon Sleep is a brand new mobile app which is coming in 2020. It acts like a sleep tracker, which rewards players for sleeping – in a similar way to how Pokemon Go rewards players for walking. When a player is asleep, it will affect the game play, meaning that when they wake up, they will get a surprise.

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What are Pokémon damage counters?

Damage Counter

A counter put on your Pokémon to show it has taken 10 damage. It stays on your Pokémon even if the Pokémon is Benched or evolved. Although 50- and 100-damage counters are sometimes used for convenience, if a card refers to a “damage counter,” it means the standard 10-damage counter.

What is burn Pokémon?

When Burned, the Pokémon will lose 5 HP for the next 20 turns, and its attack will be halved. If a Pokémon is Asleep, it cannot attack or retreat by itself. Then, that Pokémon’s owner flips a coin. Special Conditions only affect the Active Pokémon in play.

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