How Good Is technician Pokemon?

What does technician do in Pokemon?

Technician increases the power of moves which have a power of 60 or less by 50%. For moves with variable power, Technician will only apply if the power is 60 or less when used. For example, Low Kick and Grass Knot will only get a Technician boost if the target’s weight is 110.0 lbs.

Does technician work on beat up?

These are the moves with multiple base powers that will activate technician if they meet their specific criteria: Beat up (if the user’s attack does not exceed 550 from stat modifiers).

What moves are best with technician?

The moveset should be: –Bug Bite (120 power) -Bullet Punch (100 power + priority) -False Swipe (60 power + ensures safety) -Thief (90 power + item theft) With his ability Technician, all the above moves are powered up to the listed amount, so make sure it has that ability.

Does technician boost triple axel?

Yes it gets technician boost.

Hits three times. Power increases to(not doubles) 40 for the second hit and 60 for the third.

Does technician stack with stab?

In your case the the technician makes the other variable 1.5 when attack > 60. And when getting a STAB bonus, the stab variable is replaced by 1.5. So in your case STAB and technician should stack according to the information found from bulbapedia.

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Is Bullet Punch an egg move?

Bullet Punch can only be learned via Egg Move and by Default.

Does technician boost hidden power?

Technician raises the Base Power effectively to 89, not much different from other common special-based moves, such as Psychic (90 Base Power) and Ice Beam (95 Base Power), and since it’s possible to sweep with a 70 Base Power move after a Nasty Plot or two, this is worth considering.

How strong is scizor bullet punch?

Scizor has fewer options this time around, but it’s still great at what it does. Bullet Punch is the go-to attack for Scizor, as it has 90 Base Power after the boosts from STAB and Technician, making it an even stronger priority move than Extreme Speed.

What is scyther hidden ability?

Technician. Steadfast (hidden ability)

Is technician good ability?

Technician is a great Ability to augment with items and buffs. For example, I personally utilize Technician on a Scyther on my B-Team in Pokémon HeartGold. … Now, where Technician comes in: Scyther happens to be able to learn two attacks that complement his STABs perfectly.

Is Double Hit affected by technician?

1 Answer. No, Technician does not affect anything with a Base Power higher than 60. In a double battle, a move hitting multiple target has its damage lowered by 25%, but its Base Power is unchanged.