Is Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee better Pokemon Yellow?

If you’re trying to decide whether you should go for -lee or -chan, definitely pick Hitmonlee. Hitmonchan may have better Defense and slightly better Special stats, but Hitmonlee beats his counterpart in HP, Attack, Speed and techniques.

Is Hitmonchan a good competitive Pokemon?

1 Answer. It is OK competitively because it learns the all three elemental punches at level 36, but there are so many better Fighting type Pokemon with much better stats and a duel type.

Is Hitmonlee good in Gen 1?

In Gen 1 Hitmonlee is one of the best fighting types you‘ll find, with monstrous Attack and Speed and the best fighting move in the game: Hi Jump Kick. Hitmonlee hits fast and hits hard, and if you play its strengths and keep it away from special attackers Hitmonlee will carry you to the top.

What is the best Tyrogue evolution?

While Hitmonlee does have the best attack, it is Hitmonchop that has the best defense. Meanwhile, Hitmonchan is in the middle of the two, boasting the second highest attack and defense. All three of them have the same stamina stats.

What level does Hitmonlee evolve in Pokemon Yellow?

Hitmonlee (Japanese: サワムラー Sawamular) is a Fighting-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Tyrogue starting at level 20 when Tyrogue’s Attack is higher than its Defense.

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Is Hitmonchan powerful?

Hitmonchan is a Fighting Pokémon. It is vulnerable to Flying, Psychic and Fairy moves. Hitmonchan’s strongest moveset is Counter & Close Combat and it has a Max CP of 2,332.

Is Hariyama a good Pokémon?

It fills a particularly sought after niche: an affordable, top tier, fighting type Pokemon to use in raids. Hariyama is bulky, powerful and has access to some of the best fighting moves in the game: Counter and Dynamic Punch. … In addition to good stats and great move pool, Hariyama only costs 50 Candy to evolve.

Should I choose Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan fire red?

Hitmonlee has more attack and speed, while Hitmonchan has slightly more defense. Overall, I would go with Hitmonlee because of that high attack and a better movepool. But if you wanted coverage of more types (ice/fire/thunder punch), Hitmonchan is the definite way to go.