Is Pokemon heart gold worth buying?

Should I get Pokemon HeartGold?

If you prefer more easier games, you should get Heart Gold. If you prefer one of the strongest types of the games, I’d suggest Soul Silver though. Psyhcic is pretty strong, considering it was actually the most hard things I’ve had to beat in all the games I’ve played.

What is Pokemon HeartGold worth?

Pokemon HeartGold Version Nintendo DS

Loose Price Add shipping
Site Price
GameStop $69.99
eBay $90.00
PriceCharting $98.99

Should I play Pokemon Crystal or HeartGold?

Pros for HGSS is that it’s an immaculate remake, physical/special split, QoL improvements, updated graphics, following Pokemon. Pros for Crystal VC is that it’s of course going to be the most nostalgic, and getting them all to Pokemon Bank will be much easier, quicker, and doesn’t require beating Black White first.

What is the best starter Pokemon in HeartGold?

What Starter Should I Choose For Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver?

  • Chikorita. Chikorita is a single Grass type Pokemon. …
  • Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil is one of the best choices to make for a starter in HG/SS. …
  • Totodile. Totodile is probably the best choices to start with in Pokemon HG/SS.

Is HeartGold or SoulSilver better?

HeartGold is better for those who prefer an easier game. SoulSilver is said to be a more challenging game, and that seems to be the consensus in the forums. … Those who liked SoulSilver better, in our research, tended to lean towards Lugia, and those who liked Ho-Oh lean towards HeartGold.

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What is the best starter Pokemon Gen 2?

Typhlosion. As someone who always takes Totodile, this is a hard one to start with. Whilst the other two starter Pokémon in of the second generation are brilliant and fulfil important roles, the absolute best of the three is Cyndaquil, whose final evolution Typhlosion just edges out the other two.

Which Pokemon game is the hardest?

The absolute hardest Pokemon game has to be Pokemon Platinum, and it earns this title with all the polish that the original Sinnoh games sorely lacked.

How do you get Bulbasaur in HeartGold?

Go to the top of Mt. Silver, and defeat Red at least once. After you defeat Red, go to Pallet Town and speak to Professor Oak in his lab, where you’ll be able to get one of the three Kanto starters. *Keep in mind you can only obtain one of them.

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