Is there a Pikachu GX card?

The Pokémon TCG: Pikachu-GX & Eevee-GX Special Collection is available in the Pokémon Center and where Pokémon TCG products are sold.

Are Pokemon GX cards legal?

All cards from the Sun & Moon Series, including all Pokemon-GX, will no longer be legal. … As always, older versions of cards are legal in Standard as long as any version of the card is legal. Since Switch (swsh1-183) was reprinted in the Sword & Shield Base Set, you’re free to use Switch (base1-95) in tournament play.

How much is a Pikachu card worth?

Pikachu Illustrator

With only a few in circulation around the world, this card is the rarest card in existence. Due to its rarity, a Pikachu Illustrator card not in mint condition is worth at least $50,000. In 2014, one of these cards in mint condition was sold for $100,000 on eBay.

How much is Ash’s Pikachu GX worth?

Ash’s Pikachu GX #005

Date Price Type
7/15/2020 $70.00 Buy It Now
7/2/2020 $43.00 Buy It Now
6/20/2020 $46.00 Auction
3/24/2020 $52.99 Best Offer

Are GX cards banned?

In an attempt to curb the effectiveness of some of these control and lock strategies, these cards have been banned. … Crobat V and Dedenne-GX provide effects similar to Shaymin-EX, so this type of card isn’t gone completely, but their Dark Asset and Dedechange Abilities are limited to one use per turn.

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Are ex cards still playable?

Legal cards from rotated sets

Thus, older versions of Rare Candy, even those from rotated sets like EX Sandstorm and Great Encounters, are still legal cards. Similarly, basic Energy cards from all sets are still allowed in tournament play.

What is the rarest Pikachu card?

Pikachu Trainer

The rarest Pokémon card to date is the Japanese No. 1 Trainer Pikachu trophy card given to the winners of the first official Pokémon TCG tournament. With only four copies in circulation, netting one of these can cost you millions of dollars, as the only listing online is asking for two million USD.

How much is Pikachu worth 2021?

Pikachu #25 Pokemon McDonalds 2021

Sale Date Title ▲ ▼ Price
2021-06-29 Pikachu 25/25 NON-HOLO Pokemon Card 25th Anniversary McDonalds Promo 2021 25 $2.95
2021-06-28 Pikachu 25/25 Non Holo Promo Pokemon McDonalds 25th Anniversary 2021 Near Mint $0.99
2021-06-24 2021 Pokémon Pikachu Non Holo McDonalds 25th Anniversary Promo $2.97

How much is Eevee GX worth?

Eevee GX #SM233 Pokemon Promo

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2021-06-08 EEVEE GX SM233 HOLO Promo – PSA 9 – Pokemon Card $76.00
2021-06-05 2019 Pokemon Black Star Sm233 Eevee GX Promo Psa 9 SM233 $55.00
2021-02-27 2019 Pokemon Eevee GX Pikachu/Eevee Promo SM233 PSA 9 Fat Eevee $60.00

Why is Misty’s Tears banned?

In Sugimori’s far more appropriate redesign, Misty is shown to actually be crying while a Squirtle wipes the tears from her eyes. This card stands out just because of how surprisingly tone-deaf the art is for a series aimed primarily at children.

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Why is the Ancient Mew card banned?

The Ancient Mew card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game was banned from official tournaments due to the fact that it was written in a language that most people likely couldn’t read. … It’s due to the fact that the Ancient Mew is so different from the other cards in the game that it was banned.