Question: Is Pokemon glazed worth playing?

How good is Pokemon glazed?

The routes aren’t annoying and don’t overstay their welcome. The post-game is amazing and not simply just a hunt for legendaries but has a continuation of the narrative from the first act. All in all Pokemon Blazed Glazed is one of the best Hacks out there and I would highly recommend playing it. I give it an 8/10

What is the best Pokemon in Pokemon glazed?

My Pokemon glazed team (Tunod arc)

  • #1 Hinosaru The Infernape.
  • #2 Pika the Pikachu.
  • #3 Discus the Gallade.
  • #4 Blade the Sceptile.
  • #5 Daikoi the Gyarados.
  • #6 Tatsu the Flygon.
  • #curatorreview.

Is Pokemon Glazed good Reddit?

The difficulty was also very nice. I do like a bit of a challenge, but really don’t like it being super hardcore, this was perfect. I also really love the fact that the game forces you to at least level up to the 85-ish area, where regular Pokemon games halt at around 60. All in all Glazed was a superb experience.

What is the difference between blazed glazed and glazed?

As adjectives the difference between blazed and glazed

is that blazed is (slang) under the influence of marijuana, usually at a relatively high dose while glazed is of eyes: showing no liveliness.

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What is the story of Pokemon glazed?

Pokémon Glazed is a ROM Hack of the US version of Pokémon Emerald created by Lucbui, taking place in the wholly new continent of Tunod, following the adventures of a completely new trainer starting his/her journey To Be a Master. Twelve years ago, you were born in a small town in Tunod region.

How do you get the HM cut in Pokemon glazed?

Here’s a complete TM/HM list of Pokemon Glazed and Pokemon Blazed Glazed.

All TM’s can be reused just like Gen V.

TM/HM Glazed Location Blazed Glazed Location
HM01 – Cut Glenwood Town Glenwood Town
HM02 – Fly Southerly City Southerly City
HM03 – Surf Northcoast Gym Northcoast Gym
HM04 – Strength Mt. Stratus Mt. Stratus

Where can I find Charmander in Pokemon glazed?


  1. BULBASAUR. Location: Goldenrod City. Encounter: Gift from Professor Oak. …
  2. IVYSAUR. Evolve Bulbasaur.
  3. VENUSAUR. Evolve Ivysaur.
  4. CHARMANDER. Location: Goldenrod City. …
  5. CHARMELEON. Evolve Charmander.
  6. CHARIZARD. Evolve Charmeleon.
  7. SQUIRTLE. Location: Goldenrod City. …
  8. WARTORTLE. Evolve Squirtle.
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