Question: What happens if two Pokémon use a priority move?

Priority (Japanese: 先制 preemption) is a characteristic of moves, such that any move with a higher priority than another will always be performed first. When two moves have the same priority, the users’ Speed statistics will determine which one is performed first in a battle.

What happens if 2 Pokémon use sucker punch?

2 Answers. If two Pokemon used Sucker Punch at the same time, it would depend on the Pokemon’s speed who it is that goes first. So this means that since Sucker Punch is a +1 Priority move, and your opponent is using a +1 Priority move as well, it would be determined by Speed who goes first.

How does priority work in Pokémon?

A Priority Move referes to a move/action that allows a player’s Pokemon to move first, regardless of its speed compared to the opponent’s speed. The higher the Priority Rating, the more ‘priority’ it is granted. The only 5th Level Priority move is Helping Hand. It goes before most other Priority moves.

Can you Outspeed a priority move Pokémon?

Speed still matters when priority tiers are equal. Either use higher priority, or get faster than them. Quick Claw makes you move first in your priority bracket sometimes, but it will never allow you to outspeed higher priority.

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What is the best priority move in Pokémon?

These are the 10 best increased-priority moves in Pokémon!

  • Arcanine using Extreme Speed.
  • Golisopod using First Impression.
  • Blastoise using Protect.
  • Smeargle using Wide Guard.
  • Aegislash using King’s Shield.
  • Chesnaught using Spiky Shield.
  • Toxapex using Baneful Bunker.
  • Persian using Fake Out.

What is Toxicroak hidden ability?

Poison Touch (hidden ability)

Is taunt a priority move?

Taunt (Japanese: ちょうはつ Taunt) is a non-damaging Dark-type move introduced in Generation III.

Taunt (move)

Type Dark
Accuracy 100%
Priority {{{priority}}}

Is trick a priority move?

Trick (Japanese: トリック Trick) is a non-damaging Psychic-type move introduced in Generation III.

Trick (move)

Type Psychic
Accuracy 100%
Priority {{{priority}}}
Does not make contact Affected by Protect Not affected by Magic Coat Not affected by Snatch Affected by Mirror Move Not affected by King’s Rock

Is reversal a priority move?

Reversal (Japanese: きしかいせい Reversal) is a damage-dealing Fighting-type move introduced in Generation II.

Reversal (move)

Type Fighting
Accuracy 100%
Priority {{{priority}}}

Is ice punch a priority move?

Ice Punch (Japanese: れいとうパンチ Freezing Punch) is a damage-dealing Ice-type move introduced in Generation I.

Ice Punch (move)

Type Ice
Priority {{{priority}}}
Makes contact Affected by Protect Not affected by Magic Coat Not affected by Snatch Affected by Mirror Move Not affected by King’s Rock
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