Question: What is the most rare Pikachu?

This might be shocking to some people reading this article, but the most valuable Pikachu card is one of its newest releases. The secret rare VMAX Pikachu from the Vivid Voltage set that was released at the end of 2020 is sitting at $400 currently.

Which Pikachu is more rare?

Arguably the rarest and most sought-after card on this list is Illustrator Pikachu. There were only 39 copies of this card ever printed and they were handed out to contest winners all the way back in 1998.

How much is a rare Pikachu worth?

With only a few in circulation around the world, this card is the rarest card in existence. Due to its rarity, a Pikachu Illustrator card not in mint condition is worth at least $50,000.

How much is 1st edition Pikachu worth?

Pikachu 1st Edition-Red Cheeks Price

Price $8,500.00 USD
All Time Low $199.99 USD
Yearly High $10,600.00 USD
Yearly Low $5,361.00 USD
Yearly change 309.64%

How much is Pikachu worth 2021?

Pikachu #25 Pokemon McDonalds 2021

Sale Date Title ▲ ▼ Price
2021-06-29 Pikachu 25/25 NON-HOLO Pokemon Card 25th Anniversary McDonalds Promo 2021 25 $2.95
2021-06-28 Pikachu 25/25 Non Holo Promo Pokemon McDonalds 25th Anniversary 2021 Near Mint $0.99
2021-06-24 2021 Pokémon Pikachu Non Holo McDonalds 25th Anniversary Promo $2.97
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Why is Charizard so expensive?

Online Influences Have Boosted Pokémon TCG Values For Charizard. … After spending $2 million USD on a 1st Edition Pokémon TCG Base Set booster box, the popularity and value of cards skyrocketed, creating a Pokémon Trading Card Game merchandise shortage.

What Pokémon is the rarest?

We’ll update this guide as things change, but in August 2021 the rarest Pokémon you can potentially get your hands on are:

  • Sandile.
  • Noibat.
  • Azelf, Mespirit and Uxie.
  • Unown.
  • Axew.
  • Tirtouga.
  • Archen.
  • Goomy.

How much is a Pikachu 60 HP worth?

basic pikachu 60/64 Value: $0.99 – $99.00 | MAVIN.

What is a 1995 Pikachu 58 102 worth?

1995 pikachu 58/102 Value: $0.99 – $2,100.00 | MAVIN.

How much is a Mewtwo ex Worth?

Mewtwo EX #XY107 Pokemon Promo

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2021-06-16 2016 Pokémon Mewtwo EX Black Star Promo Holo XY107 PSA 10 GEM MINT $197.50
2021-04-21 2016 Pokémon Mewtwo EX Black Star Promo Holo XY107 PSA 10 GEM MINT $275.00
2021-04-13 2016 Pokémon Mewtwo EX Black Star Promo Holo XY107 PSA 10 GEM MINT $372.00

How much is a 1999 basic Pikachu worth?

Pikachu #58 Pokemon Base Set

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2021-07-17 1999 Pokemon Base Set Shadowless 1st Edition Yellow Cheeks Pikachu #58 PSA 7 $140.50
2021-06-15 Pokemon PSA 7 Pikachu 58/102 1st Edition Base Set 1999 Shadowless Near Mint – Mi $167.00

Are 1st Edition Pokémon cards worth anything?

In the present day, the first edition card is still extremely valuable and was the tenth card in the set. There are currently 80 PSA 10 graded copies of the Mewtwo card, and they’ll easily sell within the five-figure range. The most powerful of the original Pokémon, only the cards saw above tend to be as valuable.

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What is 1999 Pikachu worth?


Grade Most Recent Price Population
GEM – MT 10 $2,065.00 412
MINT 9 $355.00 570
NM – MT 8 $865.00 308
NM 7 $113.50 113