Question: What level should my Pokémon be for the elite four Soulsilver?

What level should Pokemon be for elite four Soulsilver?

User Info: KJX. You should be at least level 40 before you even consider taking them on. If you’re smart with your matchups and move usage, you can certainly take them down at the low a level. But for safety’s sake, 45-50 is a good idea.

Where should I train before the Elite Four in soul silver?

I would just recommend battling on the route before Victory Road. It’s teeming with trainers, and they will sometimes ask for rematches if you give your number. Battle with all your Pokemon to evenly LV them up, but don’t sweat it with Typlosion.

How do you grind for the elite four in Hgss?

The end of victory road is a great place to grind as everything gives you 600-800 xp per fight. My suggestion to you would be to get a strong psychic user and teach someone Focus Blast if you have the TM. Or… Spend all your money and keep running as far as you can in the Elite Four over and over again.

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Where do you get the lucky egg in soul silver?

1 Answer. Unfotunately, the only way to get a lucky egg in soulsilver is by using thief on Chansey. Chansey can be found on route 15 and are also a rare encounter.

What is the fastest way to level up grind in soul silver?


  1. Play the main story completely. By then you will have yourself some good Pokemon.
  2. Train on Wild Pokemon if you need more bulk.
  3. Rematch the Elite Four/Gym Leaders. …
  4. Whilst training your Pokemon with higher levels, have a Pokemon or two in the Day Care, or have one spared over with and EXP Share. …
  5. Battle Red.

What level is the elite four in Pokemon Pearl?

Since the Elite Four’s Pokémon are between level 55 and 66, the minimal level for your team is around mid-fifties.

What level should Pokemon be before elite four platinum?

I suggest levelling up your Pokemon to Level 55 (or level 50 if you want a bit of a challenge), since the champion uses Level 58s, 60s, and one 62.

Do the Elite 4 get stronger in diamond?

1 Answer. The league will only grow stronger once. After you defeat them for the first time, their levels increase too around Lv75-80. After that however, they do not grow any stronger.

Where can I grind for Hgss Claire?

A few good places to train for Clair:

  • Ice Path. Considering you have a few good types to combat Ice and Rock types, Ice Path us a good choice, although the weakest of the ones I’m listing, as not only does it have lower levels, its hell to go through.
  • Route 45. The route below Blackthorn. …
  • Route 48.
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Where do you get the exp share in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Every day, visit the receptionist in the Goldenrod Radio Tower. If she finds three digits of your Trainer identification numbers match the day’s lottery number, you will receive the Exp. Share. Whether you knock out or capture the Red Gyarados, you will receive the Red Scale.

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