Question: Who is the strongest trainer in Pokemon sun and moon?

Once having a stranglehold on the title for the strongest Trainer in Alola, Professor Kukui, then under his alter ego The Masked Royal, is a highly skilled battler. His loss against Ash says otherwise, but it’s still established that any Trainer in Alola that wants to become great has to go through him first.

Is Leon the strongest Pokemon trainer?

Leon is known as the Pokémon Monarch and one of the world’s strongest trainers, having beaten Lance in the final of the World Coronation Series. From his appearances in Pokémon Journeys, he is shown to be a showman, with a great appreciation for spectacular battles, but is also a great sportsman in victory.

Is Gladion stronger than Ash?

2 Gladion Was The Perfect Rival For Ash

Gladion versus Ash as the final match-up of the Manalo Conference made so much sense as they were by far the strongest trainers in the tournament. … This match arguably deserved a 6-on-6 battle, just as much as or perhaps even more than the Ash versus Kukui bout.

Who is Ash’s dad?

Prior to Pokemon the Movie: Coco, much of what was known of Ash’s father comes from a short phone call with his mother, Delia Ketchum. According to the second episode of the original Pokemon anime, “Pokemon Emergency!,” Mr. Ketchum set off on a Pokemon training journey of his own.

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Who can beat Leon?

Fire-type Pokemon can be hit or miss against Leon, since multiple Pokemon on his team resist their attacks no matter which starter you chose, but they are good against Aegislash, Rillaboom, and Mr. Rime, all Pokemon that you don’t want to leave on the field for too long.

Who can beat Cynthia Pokemon?

Bertha’s Pokémon

  • Bertha’s a Ground-type Pokémon trainer. Effective move types against her Pokémon are Grass-type, Ice-type, and Water-type moves.
  • Two of her Pokémon, Golem and Rhyperior, have more move-type weaknesses that are both dual Rock-type and Ground-type.

Does Ash ever fight the elite four?

8 Ash’s Chance At Victory

Pokémon fans across the world were disappointed earlier this year, when Ash Ketchum was defeated in the final battle of the Kalos League. … This is why Ash has never battled any of the Elite Fours throughout the series – he still hasn’t earned the right.