What are the chances of getting Meltan?

Down from 4% in 2018, Pokemon have been observed during Pokemon GO Fest and Safari Zone events having a boosted shiny chance of 1.6%. In situations where shiny Meltan has been available, it has also retained a shiny percentage of 1.6%.

What are the chances of finding a Meltan in Pokemon Go?

With an average of one appearing every 30 seconds, you’ll have plenty of chances to catch Meltan.

Is a Meltan rare?

Melmetal is the evolution of Meltan in Pokemon GO – and it’s a rare Pokemon, so we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you evolve one faster! … However, it is currently only available in Pokemon Go with even Sword and Shield not yet having a way to obtain the Pokemon or it’s evolved form in-game.

Can you still catch Meltan?

One of Pokémon Go’s most elusive Pokémon is Meltan. This mythical creature isn’t there for trainers to just randomly catch around their neighborhood. In Pokémon Go, Meltan is available through the “Let’s GO, Meltan” Special Research tasks, or through linking the game to a Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! or Let’s Go, Eevee!

Is shiny Meltan still available 2021?

The short answer is: not anymore. Shiny Meltan has been available for a few week-long events over the years, sharing a close relationship with its spiritual successor Pokemon Let’s Go. … Then players will receive a mystery box in Pokemon GO. After opening this box, Meltans will appear for an hour afterwards.

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How hard is it to get a shiny Meltan?

As always, there’s no guarantee of getting a Shiny Meltan in Pokemon GO, however, there are some things you can do to maximise your chances. Firstly, a Meltan Mystery Box spawns a Pokemon roughly every 1.5 minutes, this means, you should be aiming to click on (and probably catch) every single Meltan that pops up.

How rare is a shiny Meltan?


Event Period Meltan Seen Rate (95% CI)
Event Transition 1,109 1 in 92.4 (53.1-161.3)
Valentine’s Event 2,928 1 in 62.3 (47.0-82.7)
Community Day 57 1 in 28.5 (8.4-103.4)
Total 7,850 1 in 61.3 (51.7-72.8)

Is Meltan a ditto?

It flooded every PokeStop. The internet dubbed it “Nutto” but, when you caught it, it transformed into Ditto. Turns out, it’s a brand new Mythical Pokémon named Meltan, and it’s being used to bring Pokémon Go gamers to the upcoming Pokémon Let’s Go games on Nintendo.

How do you get Meltan 400 Candies?

To evolve it, you will need 400 Meltan Candies. Just as with the Candies you collect for other Pokémon, you’ll be able to get Meltan Candies by doing things like catching Meltan, sending it to Professor Willow, or having Meltan travel around with you as your Buddy Pokémon.

At what level Meltan evolves?

The Unevolved Form Meltan Evolves at level into Melmetal.

Meltan Evolution.

Melmetal Stats
Height 8’02”
Weight 1,763.7 lbs.
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