What are the characteristics of R Detective Pikachu?

Personality and characteristics

What is r in Detective Pikachu?

R (Japanese: R R) is a substance that plays a major role in the game Detective Pikachu and the movie of the same name. It is a chemical made from the cells of Mewtwo that makes Pokémon temporarily become violent due to Mewtwo’s Berserk Gene.

What caused the accident at the park Detective Pikachu?

Aipom accidentally angered a Murkrow in the park causing Aipom to get injured. It also attacked Pikachu.

How do you find Purugly in Detective Pikachu?

Studio 1 Area

  1. Go up and speak with Pikachu which will trigger a conversation with Olga and Ethan.
  2. Players are now forced to find the missing Purugly.
  3. Head out of the studio area and check the dressing rooms.
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