What does HR stand for in Pokemon?

HR = Hyper Rare (alternate name for Rainbow Rare)

What does HR mean in Japanese Pokémon?

HR – Hyper Rare

In the same slot as the guaranteed SR card in 1 box.

What does FA mean in Pokémon?

FA > Full art: A special draw taking up the whole card. Middle set number. Middle pirce. SV > Shiny vault: Usually the FA draw but the pokémon is the Shiny version.

Are v cards ultra rare?

Most ultra rare cards are associated with a unique mechanic, such as Pokémon-ex, Pokémon LV. X, Pokémon LEGEND, Pokémon-EX, or Pokémon V. Pokémon ex were introduced in EX Ruby & Sapphire.

What does R mean on Japanese Pokemon cards?

Rare (R): Regular rare cards. Holo Rare (HR): Holographic rare cards. Ex Rare (exR): Regular Art EX Pokemon.

What does BB mean Pokemon?

Poke Ball / Great Ball

Great Ball- This is a high performance Poké ball that a trainer will receive once they reach level 12. These can be found at Poké Stops or when a trainer levels up.

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