What generation is Pokémon Revolution?

What generation is Pokemon Revolution?

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Does Pokemon Revolution Online have all Pokemon?

Simply put, it has EVERY Pokemon on PRO, with the exception of any still unreleased generations Pokemon. If you need to find something like spawn location or what rarity a Pokemon have on Excavation, this is the place to look.

Is there breeding in Pokemon Revolution?

Can we breed Pokémon? No, and there are no plans for it. Given the complexion of a Pokémon MMO, you are to procure the statistically desirable Pokémon through rigorous hunting and via trading; breeding would be the ultimate shortcut to such hurdles, which would undermine the spiritual complexion of an MMO.

What is Pokemonpro?

Pokémon Revolution Online (PRO) is a fan-made, free-to-play Pokémon MMORPG. … The game has been made to follow both the guidelines of a Pokémon game and a MMO, offering one of the most challenging and more completed Pokémon MMO experience possible.

Where can I find Larvitar in revolution?

Larvitar is indeed catchable at mt silver and you need to be champ from johto and kanto to go there. Next to this, you can aso aquire a larvitar on island 7 which is a membership area. You can go there from vermillion docks.

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Is Pokemon Revolution pay to win?

Revolution’s unique story, unique animations, non-pay-to-win cash shop, and difficulty make for some very interesting, very compelling gameplay and I couldn’t have enjoyed my time anymore than I did.

Can you use fly in Pokemon Revolution Online?

It’s true, you can’t use fly out of battle. In PRO there is an underground system for Kanto-Johto and teleport for Hoenn to help you move from town to town.

Can you catch moltres in Pokemon Revolution?

Moltres is a dual-type Fire / Flying Pokémon. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon. Along with Zapdos and Articuno, it is one of the three Legendary birds of Kanto.


#146 Moltres
Rarity Tier 10 Catch rate 3/255 (0.39%)
Base stats HP 90 Atk 100 Def 90 Sp.Atk 125 Sp.Def 85 Spd 90 Base-stat total: 580

Can you restart Pokemon Revolution?

The staff team don’t do any account reset services at the moment. There is not any estimated time when it will be available again. Once we do, we will be announcing it in our official Discord server.

Can you breed Pokemon in pro?

1) Breeding is never going to be implemented in PRO. Confirmed.

Can you play Pokemon Revolution online with friends?

In order to add friends, you can type /friend <Username> in the in-game chat. Do note that using the command on a friend who is online will remove <username> from your friend’s list. Alternatively, you can right click on your friend’s name in chat or on his character in-game and select the “Friend” option to add him.

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Does Pokemon Revolution Online have mega evolution?

You can only mega-evolve ONE Pokemon in every battle, but you can equip multiple Pokemon with Mega-Stones. – You can only mega-evolve a Pokemon if it has a Mega Stone equipped (Exception: Mega-Rayquaza, needs to know the move “Dragon Ascent”).

Can you play Pokemon Revolution on iOS?

There is no iOS download option on our Download page, since iOS devices do not support our client. There is the option for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.