What is the misprint on Pikachu?

What is the Pikachu misprint?

The Ivy Misprint Pikachu is a peculiar card in the grand scheme of the Pokémon card game. It was printed in the Jungle set and is easily the most expensive card in the set. The regular Pikachu from Jungle isn’t worth all that much (but that’ll be talked about later). … This card goes for quite a bit.

Are misprint Pokemon cards rare?

The misprinted stamp was a promotion of the first Pokémon Movie. Although the movie doesn’t sell for that much, the misprinted card sells for around $800. Only about 30 of these cards have been found, but there might be more in the world.

How do you tell if a Pokemon card is a misprint?

A common characteristic of a fake card is lower print quality which can lead to slightly blurry text. Compare the text of the card in question to another card. Does the text look a little blurry? A real card will have clean, crisp printing on the font.

How much money is yellow cheeks Pikachu?


Grade Most Recent Price SMR Price
MINT 9 $66.51 $60.00
NM – MT 8 $93.00 $25.00
NM 7 $44.00
EX – MT 6 $39.00
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What is the rarest Pikachu card?

Pikachu Trainer

The rarest Pokémon card to date is the Japanese No. 1 Trainer Pikachu trophy card given to the winners of the first official Pokémon TCG tournament. With only four copies in circulation, netting one of these can cost you millions of dollars, as the only listing online is asking for two million USD.

How much is Pikachu worth 2021?

Pikachu #25 Pokemon McDonalds 2021

Sale Date Title ▲ ▼ Price
2021-06-29 Pikachu 25/25 NON-HOLO Pokemon Card 25th Anniversary McDonalds Promo 2021 25 $2.95
2021-06-28 Pikachu 25/25 Non Holo Promo Pokemon McDonalds 25th Anniversary 2021 Near Mint $0.99
2021-06-24 2021 Pokémon Pikachu Non Holo McDonalds 25th Anniversary Promo $2.97

What is the hardest Pokémon card to get?

Espeon Gold Star: Est.

Probably the hardest to find and most sought-after Gold Star Pokémon card is a Japanese Espeon Star. Members of the Japanese Daisuki club had to earn enough points through various activities to earn a shiny Espeon card.

Are Fake Pokemon cards illegal?

Generally speaking it is illegal to sell counterfeit trademarked documentsor items. If you suspect you have been scammed, contact the police. The police will determine whether to investigate and see charges.

Are Walmart Pokemon cards fake?

They are selling fake pokemon cards at walmart. If it doesn’t say Pokemon on the front, have a picture of it, and the cards are not in a wrapper that is seal its fake. Ive seen these fakes with multiple backgrounds on the cardboard DO NOT BELIEVE THEM.

Are Mcdonalds Pokemon cards real?

The McDonald’s Pokemon cards are new, which means the market price isn’t really set for them. … There are 50 cards in total, 25 normal and 25 holographic cards based on McDonald’s. Though they are all different in that they are associated with McDonald’s, they are technically reprints of other cards.

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