What is the question mark Pokémon?

Why does curse have no type?

type is not present in the coding of the Generation V games. This was possibly because making exceptions for a type that is used solely by a single, non-damaging move in the case that hackers would alter a Pokémon or move and crash their game had become tiresome.

What does the question mark mean in Pokémon sword and shield?

It is when a wild Pokémon can be seen walking around in the overworld. … This behavior is denoted by a speech bubble with a question mark “?” appearing above the Pokémon before it approaches. Pursue the player and attempt to force them into a battle.

Can a Pokémon be Typeless?

type is when a Pokémon can become typeless, being unable to have any weaknesses or resistances and also being unable to receive STAB from moves. Some instances of this include: A pure Flying-type Pokémon using Roost. A pure Fire-type Pokémon using Burn Up.

How is Pokerus spread?

In order to spread the virus, keep the infected Pokemon in your party around non-infected Pokemon, and start a few battles. After a few battles, atleast one new Pokemon should catch Pokerus. You can try switching around the Pokemon to make sure it spreads quickly.

What type is curse?

Curse (move)

Type Ghost
PP 10 (max. 16)
Accuracy —%
Priority {{{priority}}}
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Can curse hit normal types?

Yes, it should affect Normal Pokémon when used by a Ghost (unless I was just imagining things yesterday). In the past, it counted as a ???? type, instead of the Ghost type, which guaranteed its success. In the current generation, it seems to behave like Struggle, which also works independent of its attack type.

How do you know if pokerus is active?

Infected Pokémon will have a purple icon next to their name—either a purple smiley icon or a bar that says “Pokérus.” A smiley icon indicates that the Pokémon has recovered from the virus while the bar icon means that the Pokémon is still infected and can spread the infection to others in the team.