What Pokeballs for Ho Oh?

Catch Probability Low HP SLP, FRZ Low HP PSN, BRN, PAR
4% Nest Ball If Ho-oh’s level is 23 or lower. Level Ball If your active pokémon’s level is higher than but less than double this pokémon’s level. Ultra Ball Nest Ball If Ho-oh’s level is 17 or lower.

Do heavy balls work on Ho-Oh?

User Info: Echo13791. The heavy ball isn’t good on Ho Oh. I checked serebii and Ho Oh weighs under 200 pounds, whereas Lugia weighs over 450. Heavy balls are only good on Pokemon weighing just as much or more than Lugia.

Can you catch Ho-Oh with a Poke Ball?

There’s a 1.6% chance of catching Ho-Oh with a pokeball (or any type of pokeball with a catch rate of 1), IF you have him down to 1 HP, and asleep. It could take 63 balls on average to catch him apparently.

Should I use my master ball on Ho-Oh?

It’s your choice but do not use it on something foolish like the three legendary dogs. That is a bad idea. I would ither go for Lugia of Ho-Oh since you play Heartgold and I play Soulsilver lol but I would recommend Lugia for hg and Ho-Oh for ss. Hope I helped.

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Is Ho-Oh harder to catch than Lugia?

Ho-oh has the same base capture rate as other legendaries such as Lugia and the legendary beasts Raikou, Suicune, and Entei. … Overall, Ho-oh feels more difficult to defeat and capture than Lugia and the legendary beasts, despite the similar catch rates.

Is Ho-Oh shiny?

When Ho-Oh was in raids recently, you could get a shiny, but it took a lot of raiding for most people to have a chance at one. While you only get one go at it this time around for completing the Johto Celebration Event Timed Research, the chances of getting a shiny Ho-Oh are higher than ever.

What is the best way to catch Ho-Oh?


  1. Use False Swipe (always leaves 1 HP) so you won’t KO it, then use Ultra Balls. …
  2. A better option is to use Dusk Balls (buy from Safari Zone) in the night (After 8 pm), They have a 3.5 capture rate which is better than the Ultra Ball. …
  3. I got its health to orange-red and just threw lots of ultra balls.

What’s the best way to catch Ho-Oh?

Once players have whittled down the Ho-Oh’s health, it is time to try to capture it. When trying to capture the Pokémon, be sure to use golden razz berries., as it makes the Pokémon easier to catch. Curveballs also increase the chances of catching it, as well as getting excellent throws.

What happens if you defeat Ho-Oh in Heartgold?

If you defeated Ho-Oh the first time, it will come back after you beat the Elite Four. To make sure you capture it this time, save your game BEFORE you encounter it, then if you accidentally defeat it, turn your DS off and on and try again.

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Is Ho-Oh hard to catch?

Legendary Raid Bosses are really hard to catch and Ho-Oh, like Lugia, should be one of the hardest. … Ho-Oh doesn’t backflip like Lugia did. It’s also really close, so it’s easy to hit. And it’s catch ring is HUGE, so it’s easy to get bonuses.

How do you get Ho-Oh in raid?

Players should bring along a Rock-type Pokémon to do x4 damage to Shadow Ho-Oh since it’s a Flying/Fire-type Pokémon. Upon defeating him in battle, players will be given the chance to capture Shadow Ho-Oh.

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