What Pokemon can be found on Route 3 fire red?

Pokemon Games Location
Spearow FR/LG Grass
Pidgey FR/LG Grass
Nidoran (Male) FR Grass
Nidoran (Male) LG Grass

Does FireRed have Gen 3 Pokemon?

Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen are the second Generation III Pokémon games, and the first pair of remakes, starting a trend for the series. They get their names from Pokémon Red and Green, the classic games which are known in the West as Pokémon Red and Blue.

Can you catch Nidoran female in fire red?

Don’t waste time looking for both forms of Nidoran on Route 3; depending on your game, you only have a 1% chance of catching the rarer form. Your best bet to get both forms is to catch two males in FireRed, or two females in LeafGreen.

Where are all the trainers on Route 3?

Route 3 is a short path on the north side of Melemele Island in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It connects Route 2 to the west with Route 1 in the southeast. Melemele Meadow, and Seaside Cave are accessible on Route 3.

Ace Trainer Makana.

Butterfree ♂
Held Item

What is the best Gen 3 game?

3rd Gen Poll: Which Gen III game is the best?

  • Pokemon FireRed 3 votes — 14%
  • Pokemon LeafGreen 4 votes — 18%
  • Pokemon Ruby 3 votes — 14%
  • Pokemon Sapphire 2 votes — 9%
  • Pokemon Emerald 10 votes — 45%
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Is Nidoqueen better than Nidoking?

Neither is better than the other, they’re just better in different roles. Nidoqueen is good in a support role, as it has better bulk and it’s a good Stealth Rock setter; Nidoking is good in an offensive role with something like Sludge Bomb / Earth Power / Ice Beam / Thunderbolt and a Life Orb or a Choice Scarf.

Is clefairy good in fire red?

Overall, the Clefairy line is a great replacement for your Normal-Type “derp” with its all-around stats and diverse movepool.