What Pokemon can you find in the Safari Zone Pokemon planet?

What Pokemon are in the Safari Zone Fire Red?


Safari Zone Entrance Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Method Rate
Exeggcute Walk 20%
Rhyhorn Walk 20%
Chansey Walk 1%

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How rare are shiny Pokemon in planet?

Encounter Rate

Base Rate Rare Charm
Very Rare 1/600 (0.166%) 1/545 (0.183%)
Extremely Rare 1/5,000 (0.02%) 1/4,545 (0.022%)
Legendary 1/125,000 (0.0008%) 1/113,636 (0.00088%)
Shiny 1/8,192 (0.012%)

Is there a trick to catching Pokemon in the Safari Zone?

Most players when in the safari have to just hope on luck when trying to catch Pokémon. The only way that makes it more likely without being too risky is to throw one rock and then immediately throw a Safari Ball.

Where is Area 1 in the Safari Zone?

The Safari Zone is divided into four areas: The Center Area: where the player enters the Safari Zone. Area 1: east from the Center Area. Area 2: north from the Center Area.

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