What was the saddest goodbye in Pokemon?

In “Bye Bye Buterfree” (episode 21), Ash says goodbye to the beloved Butterfree he has raised since it was a little Caterpie. The saddest part was that this farewell, no matter how painful, was for the good of the Pokemon.

Which is the saddest movie of Pokémon?

When you think of the franchise, you don’t conjure up sadness to start, but the anime has had its moments. Time and again, Pikachu and Ash have wrenched hearts on their journeys, but a new detail noted about Pikachu in Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back will make the anime’s most depressing scene even more painful.

Does Ash cry?

Ash Is Turned To Stone And Brought Back By Pikachu’s Tears

This is the single moment that taught thousands of children what it feels like to truly have their heart broken. In this gut-wrenching scene from Mewtwo Strikes Back, Ash is turned to stone during an epic Pokemon battle.

Is Mew dead?

Mirage Mew – Sacrificed itself to help destroy the Mirage Mewtwo and the mirage system. Dr. Yung – Ran into the fire caused from his lab being destroyed by his mirage system’s destruction. He seemed unfazed from his defeat and claimed he would continue to work on his Mirage system.

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