Where can I grind in Pokemon Black 2?

2 Answers. Well the strongest trainers in all of Unova are all situated in The Black Tower and tbh that should be the best place to level your Pokemon up from between lv. 45-100 as all the areas are perfectly built to train your Pokemon.

How do you grind in Pokemon Black 2?

Stand outside a grassy patch and walk around until there’s movement in the grass. Rush over to that bush and you’ll find an Audino waiting. Beat it up and enjoy a massive amount of experience points – even more if your Pokémon is of a low level, and is carrying a Lucky Egg.

Where can I train in Pokemon White 2?

Train at the stadiums in Nibassa City. There are only a few people in the stadiums prior to the completion of BW 2. Every day the stadiums change people, giving the perfect place to train. The people there will have the about the same level as your Pokemon at your current progress.

Where are the strongest wild Pokemon in Black 2?

You hit the Giant Chasm much earlier in BW2 so the Pokemon there are not as high level. Over by P2 Laboratory there are some around 55-58.

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How do you grind Audino?

Either Repel + run around in the grass, or just run around outside the grass, then into the patch that’s shaking once it starts. Simple as that. Remember to throw on a Lucky Egg if you have it.

Where is the highest level Audino?

The highest level for a audino is Lv. 64 and can be found in pinwheel forest .

Is there an exp share in Black 2?

It can be found in Castelia City and Icirrus City.

Does exp share give EVs?

When using EXP Share, the EV gain is applied to all your Pokemon that gain EXP, so fainted Pokemon will not receive EVs. Pokemon that are holding EV-gain items like Macho Brace or the Power series will received the appropriate increased EVs even if they aren’t switched in.

What EV does Patrat?

Both Patrat and Lillipup (Route 1) give 1 Attack EV. Every Pokémon in Dragonspiral Tower gives Attack EVs. Golett and Mienfoo each give 1 Attack EV while Druddigon gives 2 Attack EVs.

Can Musharna evolve?

Evolution. Musharna is the evolved form of Munna. It evolves through the use of a Moon Stone.

How do you get the ground shaking in Pokémon Black?

Shaking grass spots will randomly appear as you walk around an area. The shaking spot seems to appear near where you are walking. Therefore, to make shaking grass appear, walk near grass. Similarly, to make swirling dust appear, walk around in a cave, and to make bubbling water appear, walk near water.

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