Where is the Itemfinder in Pokemon Blue?

To get the Itemfinder, head over to the gate east of Vermilion City and talk to Professor Oak’s aide upstairs. If you have caught 30 Pokemon, he’ll give you the Itemfinder as a reward.

Where do I get Itemfinder Pokemon?

The Itemfinder can be found on Route 11 in Red, Blue, and Yellow, along with the Generation III remakes Fire Red and Leaf Green. Talk to Professor Oak’s Aide inside the checkpoint at the end of the route, and you’ll get the Itemfinder if you’ve captured at least 30 Pokémon (which includes Pokémon that evolved).

How do you use the Itemfinder in Pokemon?

Press “A” in the direction indicated by the arrow. This will automatically initiate digging if you’re next to the hidden object. If not, use the item finder again to pinpoint the hidden location, then press “A” again to dig.

How do you get HM03 in Pokemon Blue?

HM03 – Surf

You’ll find it in the Safari Zone, and you will purchase it for 500 of the Pokemon currency. It’s the only HM that you’re actually required to purchase in order to obtain it, but you have to do so in order to finish the game. You’re going to want to.

How do you get Itemfinder?

In order to get the Itemfinder, you must have 30 different Pokemon in your Pokedex.

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How does the Itemfinder work?

An Itemfinder is an item that is used to locate hidden PokéLoot chests. When used (right-clicked while in hand), it will show the direction of the nearest hidden PokéLoot chest if there is one within range. The maximum distance that can be detected is 35 blocks away.

Where are the hidden items in Pokemon Sapphire?

Use the Itemfinder in a particular area which looks suspicious of having such a hidden obeject in its midst. If there is an item, in a square radius around your character, the Itemfinder will beep a couple of times with a heart-warming tone indicating there is a hidden item. ITEMFINDER indicates there’s a hidden item!

When should I evolve Pikachu in blue?

That is what I did with my Pikachu, and now it is my ultimate Raichu! So keep that Pikachu until 50 and then evolve it whenever. Just at least past level 50.

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