Why Pokémon is a great game?

Is Pokemon a fun game?

Pokémon is a fun game that will provide you will endless hour shift playing the games, watching the show and videos online, exploring the fan base, playing the card game. Overall Pokémon is a great game. I divide gamers into two categories: Strategers.

Why do so many people like Pokemon?

A major aspect that has caused Pokemon to stay popular is its development into competitive gameplay. While “back in the day” you could battle your friends or play the card game competitively, there weren’t the huge competitions that there are now.

Is Pokémon banned in India?

Pokemon Go went viral in no time when it was launched in India but the craze over this AR-based game dulled over time. … Although the official entry of this AR-based game was a little late in comparison with the global launch, that never stopped Indian players from playing the game.

Is Pokémon bigger than Disney?

Pokémon became the highest-grossing media franchise of all time with $95 billion, beating out other franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel and Mickey Mouse.

Is Pokémon Go Dead 2020?

While it might be a little presumptuous to say, the truth of the matter is that no one really cares about Pokemon Go anymore. … According to a report from app tracking firm Slice, Pokemon Go had lost a whopping 80% of its paying players since its highest point in mid-July.

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Is Pokémon Go still popular 2020?

While normies moved on, Pokémon Go continued to exist and kept evolving. The game’s community is still lively (there are reportedly more than 800,000 daily active players in the U.S. alone), participating in live events like the annual Pokémon Go Fest.

Why is Pokemon not good anymore?

In terms of playing Pokémon with other people, the reason why it’s not fun anymore is the “competitive battling” community. In terms of playing Pokémon with other people, the reason why it’s not fun anymore is the “competitive battling” community.

How can I make my Pokemon game better?

The following are some suggestions I think would be welcome additions to Nintendo’s flagship handheld franchise.

  1. Dynamic Time And Tourneys. This idea actually came from the show. …
  2. Gym Leader Mode. …
  3. Integrate Team Valor, Mystic, and Instinct Into Games. …
  4. Make Certain Pokemon Seasonal. …
  5. Survival Mode.