Your question: How much does a rare Mewtwo cost?

How much is a 1995 Mewtwo card worth?

Mewtwo 14 1995 Promo Value: $1.20 – $100.00 | MAVIN.

How much is a 1999 Mewtwo card worth?

Mewtwo #10 Pokemon Base Set

Sale Date Title ▲ ▼ Price
2021-05-10 1999 POKEMON Mewtwo 1st Edition Base Set 10/102 HOLO $246.84
2021-05-08 1999 1st Edition Shadowless Mewtwo 10/102 Pokemon Card Holo Rare Base Set PSA $810.00
2021-05-05 1st edition Mewtwo Pokémon Card! Base set! 10/102 Ultra Rare! $202.50

How much is a Gen 1 Mewtwo worth?

Mewtwo has always been a very popular member of the Pocket Monsters cast so it’s definitely completely expected for him to have a top dollar card. Mewtwo’s shadowless defective appearance in the Pokémon trading card world will cost you from $1500 up to $4000 depending on the condition of the card.

Is Mewtwo ex rare?

Features. A single individual card from the Pokemon trading and collectible card game (TCG/CCG). This is of Holo Rare ex rarity.

What is the rarest Pikachu card?

Pikachu Trainer

The rarest Pokémon card to date is the Japanese No. 1 Trainer Pikachu trophy card given to the winners of the first official Pokémon TCG tournament. With only four copies in circulation, netting one of these can cost you millions of dollars, as the only listing online is asking for two million USD.

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How much is a mega Mewtwo ex Worth?

M Mewtwo EX #64 Pokemon BREAKthrough

Sale Date Title ▲ ▼ Price
2021-07-04 Pokemon Card M Mega Mewtwo EX 64/162 BREAKThrough Set ULTRA RARE HOLO NM $10.00
2021-07-04 Pokemon Card – M MEGA Mewtwo EX 64/162 XY Breakthrough Ultra Rare $10.00
2021-06-30 M Mewtwo EX 64/162 XY Breakthrough Ultra Rare Pokemon Card $8.07

How much is a shiny Mewtwo worth?

Shining Mewtwo #109 Pokemon Neo Destiny

Sale Date Title ▲ ▼ Price
2021-09-06 Shining Mewtwo 109/105 Neo Destiny Holo Secret Rare Pokemon NM Condition $415.00
2021-09-03 Pokemon Shining Mewtwo (Triple Star) – 109/105 – Holo NM-LP Neo Destiny $275.00
2021-09-02 Shining Mewtwo 109/105 Neo Destiny Holo Secret Rare Pokemon NM $130.00

What is the rarest Gen 1 Pokemon?

Capable of moving freely in cyberspace.” Despite being a mediocre Pokémon to have on your lineup, Porygon is one of the rarest of the first generation. Pokémon Blue’s Porygon is 8300 coins, and it costs a whopping 9999 coins in Pokémon Red.

How much is a PSA 10 Mewtwo worth?


Grade Most Recent Price POP Higher
MINT 9 $2,226.00 81
NM – MT 8 $987.00 534
NM 7 $621.00 843
EX – MT 6 $500.00 1015

How much is a Mewtwo level 53 worth?

Mewtwo Legendary Treasures 53/113 Value: $0.99 – $100.00 | MAVIN.

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