Your question: Should I teach my Pikachu Slam?

Can Pikachu learn body slam?

The stats are the same, but Yellow Pikachu is able to learn Tail Whip, Double Team, Slam, Thunderbolt and Lightscreen on its own. … As far as moves go, let Pikachu learn all the major Electric techniques like Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt (replace Thundershock with Thunderbolt at level 26) and Thunder.

Should I teach Pikachu quick attack?

Quick Attack is for when Pikachu can’t take two attacks from a Pokemon without fainting. Thunderbolt can bring the opponent’s HP down and fire off a Quick Attack before it takes more damage. Inflicting paralysis on a Pokemon is always great, not just for Pikachu, but for its team.

What is Pikachu’s most powerful move?

The best moves for Pikachu are Thunder Shock and Wild Charge when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.

Can Pikachu defeat legendary Pokemon?

Pikachu is the only Pokémon in the anime to defeat four Legendary Pokémon without being a Legendary Pokémon himself. … His first victory against a Mega-Evolved Pokémon was when he defeated Korrina’s Mega Lucario, and the second was when he defeated Misty’s Mega Gyarados.

What is Pikachu’s weakness?

Can body slam paralyze electric types?

In Generation VI, Body Slam cannot paralyze electric-type Pokémon. In Generation VI, if Minimize was used prior to using Body Slam, Body Slam will not miss and its power will be doubled. In a Double Battle, Body Slam can target any Pokémon around the user.

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What should Pikachu hold?

Pikachu is an Attacker Type pokemon, which makes Held Items such as Sp. Atk Specs, Attack Weight and Battle Items such as Eject Button are a good fit for this pokemon.

Is Pikachu a good Pokemon in blue?

This might be considered blasphemy, but Pikachu is not a good Pokémon to invest in, at least in the original games. Aside from being annoyingly hard to find and catch in Viridian Forest, it is also incredibly weak and can’t be evolved until players reach Celadon City so they can buy a Thunder Stone.

Should I keep quick attack?

Quick Attack is a useful move at the right moment. It’s weak, but it has high priority. If you need to make sure your low HP opponent passes away as quickly as possible, before it can do anything to you, use Quick Attack. It’s a common enough move and isn’t too much of a threat.

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