Frequent question: Which angle in XYZ has the largest measure apex?

Angle X has the largest measure.

Which side of XYZ is the longest apex?

Answer: XY is the longest side in the given ΔXYZ.

What is the measure of angle XYZ?

In this case, angle is equal to angle . Angles on a straight line sum to 180 degrees. This means that we can calculate the measure of angle by subtracting 122 from 180. This is equal to 58 degrees.

Which angle in def has the largest measure?

Solution: It is given that In triangle DEF, DE=11, FE=7 and DF=6. Out of these three sides, DE is the largest side having the largest measure, and the angle opposite to this side is . Therefore, the has the largest measure.

Which angle in triangle ABC has the largest measure?

The angle with the largest measure is opposite the longest side. The longest side is 12.

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Which angle XYZ has the largest measure?

Angle X has the largest measure.

What is the vertex of ∠ XYZ?

A Vertex is the point that 2 or more lines connect. When an angle is written given the letters of the lines/ points, the point where the lines connect are always the middle letter. For ∠XYZ, the vertex would be point Y, because it is the middle letter.

Which is the measure of ∠ XYZ ∠ XYZ?

Answer: The measure of ∠XYZ = 66°.

What is the measure of angle ABC?

Angle ABC is a straight angle, or 180°.

Is an inscribed angle half the arc?

An inscribed angle is an angle with its vertex on the circle. The measure of an inscribed angle is half the measure of its intercepted arc. The arc that is inside an inscribed angle and whose endpoints are on the angle.

Which side of Def is the longest apex?

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Side opposite to greatest angle is the longest side.

Which angle of triangle RST has the smallest measure?

Where, ST, RS and RT are opposite sides of ∠SRT, ∠RTS and ∠RST respectively. Hence, ∠RST is the smallest angle in the triangle.

Which side of ABC is the longest?

Explanation: In any triangle, side opposite the largest angle is always the longest. and longest side of ΔABC is AB .

Which angle in ABC has the largest measure apex?

Answer: The answer is angle C!

What is the measure of angle 1 in degrees?

The measure of an angle is determined by the amount of rotation from the initial side to the terminal side. One way to measure an angle is in terms of degrees . A measure of one degree ( 1° ) is equivalent to a rotation of 1360 of a complete revolution.

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Which set of angle measures could be the measures of the interior angles of a triangle?

Answer: 60°, 60°, and 60° is the set of interior angles of triangle.

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