Quick Answer: What Is The Second Largest City In South Carolina?

Fort Mill, S.C., continued to be the area’s fastest-growing town — a title it has held since 2014-15.

It grew by 13.2% in 2017-18, twice as fast as any other town around Charlotte.

It was the third fastest growing town in both North and South Carolina, with a population of 19,848.

What are the largest cities in SC?


What is the smallest city in South Carolina?


What are the major cities in South Carolina known for?

South Carolina – Largest Cities

Name Population
1 Columbia 133,803
2 Charleston 132,609
3 North Charleston 108,304
4 Mt. Pleasant 81,317

6 more rows

What’s the most populated city in South Carolina?


What is the fastest growing city in South Carolina?


  • Bluffton.
  • Fort Mill.
  • Hanahan.
  • Conway.
  • Mount Pleasant.

What state has the lowest cost of living 2019?

States With Lowest Cost Of Living 2019

Rank State % of US
28 Oklahoma 1.20%
33 Arkansas 0.92%
34 Mississippi 0.91%
35 Kansas 0.89%

6 more rows

What’s the oldest city in South Carolina?


What is the biggest county in SC?

Largest County by Population (2010 Census): Greenville County – 451,225. Richland County – 384,504. Charleston County – 350,209.

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Largest Counties by Area:

  1. Horry County – 1,133 square miles.
  2. Orangeburg County – 1,105 square miles.
  3. Berkeley County – 1,099 square miles.

What is the racial makeup of South Carolina?

The racial diversity of the population in South Carolina is shown below, coming in with approximately 67.3% Caucasian, 27.4% African American, 2.1% two or more races, 1.5% other races, 1.4% Asian, and .4% Natives of North America.

Photo in the article by “Wikipedia” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_city

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