Question: Which Is Largest Wildlife Sanctuary In India?

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Hemis National Park

Desert National Park

Similipal National Park

Gangotri National Park

Namdapha National Park

Khangchendzonga National Park

Sanjay National Park

Which is the largest wildlife sanctuary in world?

Here are just five of the largest animal sanctuaries in the world. Located approximately 750 miles east of Australia, the Natural Park of the Coral Sea is known as the largest marine park in the world.

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Which is the first wildlife sanctuary in India?

Jim Corbett National Park

How many wildlife sanctuary are there in India in 2018?

514 wildlife sanctuaries

Where is the oldest wildlife sanctuary in world situated?

Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary was set up in 1915 in the Darjeeling District of West Bengal, India. It is one of the oldest wildlife sanctuaries of India. It covers an area of 38.6 km2 (14.9 sq mi). The elevation ranges from 1,500 to 2,600 m (4,900 to 8,500 ft).

Can you name some wildlife sanctuaries of India?

The Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, is one of the royal national parks in India. It is ranked as one of the top 10 wildlife sanctuaries in India. Leopard, Nilgai, Wild Boar, Sambar and Hyena are some of the major animals found in this park.

Which state in India has the highest number of wildlife sanctuaries?

Madhya Pradesh

Which is the smallest wildlife sanctuary in India?

Kutch Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary

How many wild sanctuary are there in India?

543 wildlife sanctuaries

Which state is having more area for wildlife sanctuary in India?

Madhya Pradesh

How many NP are there in India?

As of July 2018, there were 110 national parks encompassing an area of 40,501 km2 (15,638 sq mi), under protected areas of India category II comprising 1.23% of India’s total surface area.

How many birds sanctuary in India?

The bird sanctuaries in India house a wide variety of exotic bird species. From ornithologists to laymen, they attract everybody. It’s estimated that India is home to over 1200 species of birds, and most of them can be viewed in these wildlife sanctuaries, especially known for the feathery species.

How many biosphere are there in India?

18 biosphere

Which was the first wildlife sanctuary?

The first sanctuary or national park established in India is Manas National Park or Manas Wildlife Sanctuary which is many in one -a national park, UNESCO Natural World Heritage site, a Project Tiger reserve, an elephant reserve and a biosphere reserve in Assam, India.

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Which is the oldest forest in India?

1. Jim Corbett National Park. This is oldest forest reserve in India situated in Nainital district of Uttarakhand.

Why do poachers kill tigers?

This leads to angry farmers poaching tigers after having their valuable cows stolen from them. The illegal wildlife trade is also a factor. There is strong demand for tiger parts in traditional medicine, and for skins for use as home décor, so the tigers are targeted by professional poachers keen to earn a quick buck.

What is meant by wildlife sanctuary?

A wildlife refuge, also known as a wildlife sanctuary, is a naturally occurring sanctuary, such as an island, that provides protection for wildlife species from hunting, predation, competition or poaching; it is a protected area, a geographic territory within which wildlife is protected.

What are animal reserves?

A nature reserve (also known as natural reserve, bioreserve, natural/nature preserve, or natural/nature conserve) is a protected area of importance for flora, fauna or features of geological or other special interest, which is reserved and managed for conservation and to provide special opportunities for study or

What classifies a national park?

A national park is a park in use for conservation purposes. Often it is a reserve of natural, semi-natural, or developed land that a sovereign state declares or owns. The first area to use “national park” in its creation legislation was the U.S.’s Mackinac, in 1875.

Which state has maximum number of tigers in India?


Which national park is named after river?

The name of the park is originated from the Manas River, which is named after the serpent goddess Manasa. The Manas river is a major tributary of Brahmaputra River, which passes through the heart of the national park.

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Which state has most national park?


How many protected areas are there in India?

Protected areas of India. As of May 2004, the protected areas of India cover 156,700 square kilometres (60,500 sq mi), roughly 4.95% of the total surface area. There are four categories of Protected areas in India Constituted under the provisons of Wildlife ( Protection) ACT, 1972.

How many national parks are there?

58 national parks

What is a Bioreserve?

A biosphere reserve is an ecosystem with plants and animals of unusual scientific and natural interest. It is a label given by UNESCO to help protect the sites. The plan is to promote management, research and education in ecosystem conservation. This includes the ‘sustainable use of natural resources’.

Which wildlife sanctuary is famous for the species of great Indian bustard?

Jawaharlal Nehru Bustard Sanctuary of Maharashtra

Which is the only poisonous bird in the world?


How many bird species are there in India?

1266 species

How many biosphere reserves are present in the world?

686 biosphere reserves

Why are Biosphere Reserves important?

Importance of Biosphere Reserves. They represent an excellent alternative to implement a harmonious relationship between human and nature. Recognizing all values that natural resources and biodiversity contribute to humanity.

How many natural sites are Unesco World Heritage Sites in India?

List of World Heritage Sites in India. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Sites are important places of cultural or natural heritage as described in the UNESCO World Heritage Convention, established in 1972. There are 37 World Heritage Sites located in India.

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