Quick Answer: Which Is The No 1 Mall In India?

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Lulu Mall, Kochi


Phoenix Marketcity, Mumbai

Phoenix Marketcity

Fun Republic Mall

Mantri Square Mall

Sahara Ganj Mall, Lucknow

Which is the biggest mall in India 2018?

Largest malls

Name Location Year
LuLu International Shopping Mall Kochi 2013
World Trade Park, Jaipur Jaipur 2012
DLF Mall of India Noida 2016
Sarath City Capital Mall Hyderabad 2018

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Who is the best mall in India?

Other Best Shopping Malls in India

  • Esplanade One – Bhubaneswar.
  • Phoenix Market City – Chennai.
  • Mantri Square Mall – Bangalore.
  • Orion Mall – Bangalore.
  • Ambience Mall – Gurgaon.
  • Pacific Mall – Subhash Nagar, Delhi.
  • The Great India Place (GIP) – Noida.
  • Ambience Mall – Vasant Kunj, Delhi.
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Which is the largest mall in world?

the Dubai Mall

Which one is the biggest mall in India?

Lulu International Shopping Mall is the largest and the biggest shopping mall in India in terms of gross leasable area. It is located in the heart of Kochi city in Kerala state of India. It was developed by Non-Resident Indian Mr. M A Yousuf Ali, a businessman based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Is Ambience Mall the biggest mall in India?

India’s Largest Shopping Mall – Ambience Mall Gurgaon. Multilevel shopping mall with a range of retailers & restaurants, plus entertainment offerings. Ambience Mall Gurgaon is one of the best malls in Gurgaon and one of the largest Mall in Asia. Ambience mall is no.1 preferred location for all Shopaholics in Delhi NCR.

Which is the first shopping mall in India?

Spencer Plaza

Which is the first biggest mall in India?

25 Largest Shopping Malls in India by Area

  1. LuLu International Shopping Mall, Kochi – 2,500,000 sq ft.
  2. World Trade Park, Jaipur – 2,400,000 sq ft.
  3. DLF Mall of Noida – 2,000,000 sq ft.
  4. Elante Mall, Chandigarh – 1,150,000 sq ft.
  5. Phoenix Market City, Chennai – 1,000,000 sq ft.
  6. Fun Republic, Lucknow – 970,000 sq ft.
  7. Mantri Square, Bangalore – 924,000 sq ft.

Which is the biggest mall in the Asia?

Among the top 15 largest malls in Asia, the first four are South China Mall, SM Tianjin, Golden Resources Mall, and SM City North EDSA.

The Largest Shopping Malls in Asia.

Rank 1
Mall New South China Mall
Location Dongguan, China
Gross Leasable Area (In Square Feet) 7,100,000
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14 more columns

Which is the biggest mall of Mumbai?

1. High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel. It is the largest shopping mall in Mumbai with gross floor area of 33,00,000 square feet.

Is the Dinosaur in Dubai Mall real?

Giant dinosaur skeleton unveiled at The Dubai Mall. Dubai: A massive 155-million-year-old dinosaur skeleton was put on permanent display at The Dubai Mall on Monday evening. The exhibit is open to free public viewing at the mall’s Grand Atrium and a naming contest is to decide what the female giant will be called.

What is the biggest mall in the world 2018?

Here’s a look at some of the largest, most famous shopping centres around the globe.

  • CentralWorld – Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Berjaya Times Square – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Dubai Mall – Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • West Edmonton Mall – Alberta, Canada.
  • SM Mall of Asia – Manila, Philippines.
  • Morocco Mall – Casablanca, Morocco.

Which is the smallest mall in the world?

The smallest of only three North American malls on this list, South Coast Plaza is an upscale-luxury shopping center in Costa Mesa, California, about 2.8 million square feet in size.

Who is the chairman of LuLu Group?

Yusuff Ali M.A.

Which is the first mall in Bangalore?

The Forum is a shopping mall located on Hosur Road in Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka, India developed by Prestige Group. The Forum is one of the oldest full-fledged mall in Bangalore with a multi-storey book store, 12 cinema halls and other entertainment facilities.

Who is the owner of Forum Mall Bangalore?

Prestige Group

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Who is the founder of prestige?

Razack Sattar

Who is the owner of Spencer?

RPG Group

Who is the owner of Phoenix mall?

The Phoenix Mills Co. Ltd

How big is a shopping mall?

Power centers are small shopping centers that almost exclusively feature several big-box retailers as their anchors. They usually have a retail area of 250,000 to 600,000 square feet (23,000 to 56,000 m2) and a primary trade area of 5 to 10 miles (8.0 to 16.1 km).

Who invented the shopping mall?

Victor Gruen

Is Mall of America the biggest mall in the world?

This is a complete list of the world’s largest shopping malls based on their gross leasable area.

Malls with a gross leasable area of 400,000 to 499,999 m2.

Mall CentralWorld
City Bangkok
Year opened 1990
Gross leasable area (GLA) 430,000 m2 (4,600,000 sq ft)
Shops 600

12 more columns

What is an outdoor mall called?

A strip mall (also called a shopping plaza, shopping center, or mini-mall) is an open-air shopping mall where the stores are arranged in a row, with a sidewalk in front. Strip malls are typically developed as a unit and have large parking lots in front.

In 1954 he designed the first outdoor suburban shopping plaza, near Detroit. Two years later, in 1956, the Gruen-designed Southdale Center opened in Edina, Minnesota. It was the first enclosed shopping mall in America.

What’s the biggest mall in North America?

West Edmonton Mall

How many stores are at the Mall of America?


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