You asked: Which is the first largest major port in India?

Which is the second largest port in India?

As the second biggest port in India, Chennai Port (also known as the Madras port) handles over 100 million metric tons of cargo per year.

Which is the first port in India?

Calcutta Port Commissioners was established in 1870 as the very first port authority in India by formalising the operational framework of Calcutta’s various riverine port facilities on the River Hooghly.

Which is deepest port in India?

Gangavaram Port, located in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, is India’s deepest port.

Which state has highest number of major ports in India?

Which state in India has highest number of ports? Maharashtra with 53 ports has highest number of ports in India. Maharashtra is followed by Gujarat (40) and Andhra Pradesh (12).

Which is India’s biggest port?

Mumbai Port: The western coast city of Mumbai is home to India’s largest port by size and shipping traffic.

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Which is the largest port in India *?

Mundra Port, Gujarat | India’s largest commercial port.

Which is the biggest port in Asia?

List of busiest container ports

# Port Region
1 Shanghai East Asia
2 Singapore Southeast Asia
3 Shenzhen East Asia
4 Ningbo-Zhoushan East Asia

Which is the biggest port in the world?

Top 50 World Container Ports

Rank Port Volume 2018 (Million TEU)
1 Shanghai, China 42.01
2 Singapore 36.60
3 Shenzhen, China 27.74
4 Ningbo-Zhoushan, China 26.35

Which is the oldest artificial port of India?

Kolkata Port is the oldest artificial port in India.

How many ports India have?

Arfa Javaid. India has a coastline of around 7516.6 kilometres, having a total of 200 major and non-major ports, forming one of the biggest peninsulas in the world.

How many sea ports are in India?

According to the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, around 95 per cent of India’s trading by volume and 70 per cent by value is done through maritime transport. It is serviced by 13 major ports (12 Government-owned and one private) and 187 notified minor and intermediate ports.

What are India’s major ports?


  • Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust – Nhava Sheva (JNPT) Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. …
  • Port of Mundra. Kutch, Gujarat. …
  • Port of Chennai. Chennai, Tamil Nadu. …
  • Port of Kolkata – Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port Trust (KoPT) …
  • V. O. Chidambaranar Port (VOCP) …
  • Port of Kandla (Deendayal Port Trust) …
  • Port of Mumbai. …
  • Port of Vishakapatnam.

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Which states in India have 3 major ports?

The state of Tamil Nadu, with three major ports, stands on top of the list of states with the maximum number of major ports in India. The three major ports in this state are Kamarajar Port, V. O. Chidambaranar Port Trust, and Chennai Port.

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Which is the only state in India that has more than 2 ports?

Answer. It is the state of Maharashtra that has two major ports. It is the JNPT or the Jawaharlal Nehru Port which is the biggest container port in the country and the Mumbai port.

Which state has highest no of airports?

Which Indian state has the highest number of International Airports in India? Kerala with 4 International Airports tops the list of the highest number of International Airports in the country.

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