Quick Answer: What Cruise Line Is The Largest?

Mardi Gras will be the largest Carnival Cruise Line ship, according to the company, with 20 decks, 5,200 rooms.

The biggest cruise ship in the world is Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas.

What is the biggest cruise ship today?

Symphony of the Seas: This 18-deck cruise ship is currently the largest passenger ship in the world, measuring 1,188 feet. Check out the gallery for the rest of the world’s largest cruise ships.

What is Carnival’s largest cruise ship?

Current Fleet

Ship Class Gross Tonnage
Carnival Horizon Vista 133,500 GT
Carnival Vista Vista 133,500 GT
Carnival Breeze Dream 128,000 GT
Carnival Magic Dream 128,000 GT

22 more rows

Which Cruise Line has the best ratings?

Here is the rest of the ranking for US News’ best cruises for the money:

  • Celebrity Cruises.
  • Royal Caribbean International.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line.
  • Carnival Cruises.
  • Princess Cruises.
  • Holland America Line.
  • MSC Cruises.
  • Costa Cruises.

What is the world’s largest ship?

9 of the World’s Largest Ships

  1. Knock Nevis. The longest ship ever built was an oil tanker known as the Knock Nevis.
  2. TI Class Supertankers. The largest oil tankers still in operation are the TI Class supertankers.
  3. Q-Max ships.
  4. CSCL Globe.
  5. Oasis of the Seas.
  6. RMS Queen Mary 2.
  7. USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
  8. The Club Med 2.

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