What is the biggest carp in the world?

A BRITISH angler living in Thailand has broken the world record for the biggest carp ever caught. According to an article on the Lad Bible website, John Harvey’s catch weighed in at a whopping 232 lb or 105 kg.

What is the biggest type of carp?

Siamese cap, found in river basins in Asia, are the biggest species in the world. The biggest carp caught in Britain was caught only two weeks ago by Tom Doherty in Shropshire, weighing in at 70lbs.

Where is the biggest carp in UK?

The current British record for a carp is held by Dean Fletcher who caught a specimen weighing 68lbs 10z at the Wasing estate fishery in Berkshire in 2016.

How big is the biggest carp?

They can grow to a length of 1.2 metres (3.9 ft) and the oldest recorded age of a wild fish is 38 years. The largest recorded carp, caught by British angler, Colin Smith, in 2013 at Etang La Saussaie Fishery, France, weighed 45.59 kilograms (100.5 lb).

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What is the UK carp record?

A carp weighing 7lb 1oz heavier than the official British record has been banked this morning [Oct 12] by England international Wayne Mansford. The 75lb 2oz mirror was caught from Meadows Lake at Cambridgeshire’s Holme Fen Fishery and beats the current ratified record of 68lb 1oz. Wow!

What is the heaviest fish ever caught?

According to IGFA records, the largest fish ever caught was a great white shark that weighed an unbelievable 2,664 pounds (1,208.389 kg.). Caught off the coast of Ceduna, Australia, in 1959, it took angler Alfred Dean just 50 minutes to win the fight against this one-ton shark.

Why are French carp bigger?

The continental climate in France gives us just that few degrees extra average temperatures, which is enough to get the carp feeding longer throughout the year. … 2) A Lake to yourselves: French lakes for the most part are larger than the UK counterparts and there are lots of them. Just look at the blue spots on the map!

What is the biggest fish in England?

DID you know that the largest fish ever caught with road and line in English rivers was caught in the River Frome? The 9ft 3″ sturgeon, weighing 94kgs, was caught near Bindon Abbey, Wool, in 1911 by Major C.E. Radclyffe.

Who is the best carp angler in the UK?

1. Who’s the best angler

  • Terry hearn. …
  • dave lane. …
  • Derek Ritchie. …
  • Rob Maylin. …
  • Jim shelley. …
  • Matt Hayes. …
  • Nigel Sharp. …
  • Other.
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2 июн. 2007 г.

What is the British record for barbel?

The current British barbel record was caught by Colin Smithson on 7th November 2019 weighing 21lb 2oz. The river has been kept quiet though it is know that it is a river in Sussex.

What is the heaviest bass ever caught?

Official Largemouth World Record: George Perry’s Undefeated Bass. On June 2nd, 1932, George Perry caught the current world record bass out of Lake Montgomery, an oxbow lake off the Ocmulgee River in southern Georgia. The fish (the whopper) weighed 22 pounds, 4 ounces. At that time, world records for fish didn’t exist.

What is the biggest bluegill ever caught?

The bluegill typically ranges in size from about four to 12 inches, and reaches a maximum size just over 16 inches. The largest bluegill ever caught was four pounds, 12 ounces in 1950.

What’s the biggest pike ever caught?

The IGFA currently recognizes a 25 kg (55 lb) pike caught by Lothar Louis on Greffern Lake, Germany, on 16 October 1986, as the all-tackle world-record northern pike.

Can I keep fish I catch UK?

You’re only allowed to keep a certain amount of the fish you catch. You must return fish you can’t keep to the water unharmed. … You’re committing an offence and can be fined if you take too many fish or fish that aren’t the right size.

What is the biggest pike caught in the UK?

The biggest pike caught fairly in Britain on fishing tackle is officially a 46 lb 13 oz beast. That was caught back in 1992 by Roy Lewis at Llandegfedd Reservoir, in South Wales.

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What is Britain’s largest freshwater fish?

A few unwelcome invaders

  • Zander. One of the top predators in the water.
  • Catfish. The largest freshwater fish in the UK.
  • Grass carp. Just like common carp, they can grow quite large.
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