Which Country In Southeast Asia Has The Highest Population Density?

List of Asian countries by Population (2018)

Country/Territory Population Rank (Density)
2017 Asia
Asia 4,504,428,373
China 1,409,517,397 22
India 1,339,180,127 11

35 more rows

What country has the highest population in Southeast Asia?

The Southeast Asian Nations: Size, Population, and Capitals

Rank State/Dependant Territory/Administrative Subdivision Area (km2)
1 Indonesia 1,904,569
2 Philippines 342,353
3 Vietnam 331,210
4 Thailand 513,120

10 more rows

Which country in East Asia has the highest population density?

List of Asian countries by Population (2018)

Country/Territory Population Rank (Density)
2017 Asia
China 1,409,517,397 22
India 1,339,180,127 11
Indonesia 263,991,379 23

37 more rows

What is the population of Asia in 2018?

Population of Asia (2019 and historical)

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Year Population Asia’s Share of World Pop
2019 4,584,807,072 59.4 %
2018 4,545,133,094 59.6 %
2017 4,504,428,373 59.7 %
2016 4,462,676,731 59.8 %

13 more rows

Which country is the highest in population?

# Country 2019 Population
1 China 1,420,062,022
2 India 1,368,737,513
3 United States 329,093,110

11 more rows

Which country in Asia has the largest population?

The 10 Most Populated Countries in Asia

  • China – 1.3 billion. With a population of about 1.3 billion people, China is not only the most populated country in Asia but also in the world.
  • India – 1.2 billion.
  • Indonesia – 255 million.
  • Pakistan – 207.8 million.
  • Bangladesh – 163 million.
  • Russia – 144 million.
  • Japan – 128 million.
  • Philippines – 100.6 million.

What are the 4 major countries in Asia?

The 10 Largest Countries in Asia

  1. Russia. Russia is not only the largest country in Asia, but is also the largest country in the world.
  2. China. The second largest country in Asia is China, which covers an area of around 9.5 million square km (3.7 million square miles).
  3. India.
  4. Kazakhstan.
  5. Saudi Arabia.
  6. Iran.

Which country has the highest population density in Asia?

European city-state of Monaco is the most densely populated country with a population density of 25,105 people per sq. km (67,612/sq mile). Chinese territory of Macau has the world’s 2nd highest population density at 21,151/km².

How many countries are in Asia continent 2018?

48 countries

Why Asia has largest population?

Asia comprises a full 30% of the world’s land area with 60% of the world’s current population. It also has the highest growth rate today, and its population almost quadrupled during the 20th century. China is currently the most populous country on earth with an estimated population in 2016 of 1,377,124,512.

Which country in Asia has the lowest population density?

Thematic Map > Population density – Asia

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Country Population density (Number of people per square kilometer) Year
Russia 8 2017
Russia 8 2017
Kazakhstan 7 2017
Mongolia 2 2017

46 more rows

What is the smallest country in Asia by population?

The 10 Smallest Countries Of Asia By Area

  • The Maldives. The Maldives occupies the southern part of Asia, and it constitutes 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean.
  • Singapore. Singapore is one of the world’s city-states, and it lies in Southeast Asia.
  • Bahrain.
  • Brunei.
  • Palestine.
  • Cyprus.
  • Lebanon.
  • Qatar.

Which country in Asia has the least population?


Which is the biggest race in the world?

The world’s largest ethnic group is Han Chinese with Mandarin being the world’s most spoken language in terms of native speakers. Human migration has been shifting toward cities and urban centers. The urban population jumping from 29% in 1950, to 50.5% in 2005.

Which country has the most cities?

Countries By Number of Cities Over One Million

Rank Country Number of Cities Over One Million
1 China 102
2 India 46
3 Brazil 17
4 Russia 15

7 more rows

Which country has the largest population 2019?

The World: Population (2019) – Top 100+

Rank Country Population
1. China 1,380,914,176
2. India 1,311,559,168
3. United States of America 333,928,672
4. Indonesia 265,253,184

96 more rows

Which country in South Asia has the largest population?

South Asia: A Nation By Nation Analysis

  1. India. In South Asia, India is the largest and the most populous country with a population of 1.276 billion people.
  2. Pakistan. Pakistan is the second most populous country in South Asia and ranks the sixth in the world with the highest population.
  3. Bangladesh.
  4. Sri Lanka.

Which city in Asia has the largest population?

Largest Cities In Asia By Population

Rank City Country
1 Tokyo Japan
2 Delhi India
3 Shanghai China
4 Beijing China
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16 more rows

Where do Asians come from?

The 2000 and 2010 U.S. Census Bureau definition of the Asian race is: “people having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent (for example, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippine Islands, Thailand, and Vietnam)”.

Which country is big in Asia?

44.58 million km²

How many Asians are there in the world?

4.54 billion

Is Israel in Asia or Africa?

The Middle East is a transcontinental region centered on Western Asia, Turkey (both Asian and European), and Egypt (which is mostly in North Africa). Saudi Arabia is geographically the largest Middle Eastern nation while Bahrain is the smallest.

What is population of Asia?

4.463 billion (2016)

Is China a country or state?

China, officially the People’s Republic of China (PRC), is a country in East Asia and the world’s most populous country, with a population of around 1.404 billion.

How many countries are in Antarctica?

Antarctica is defined as all land and ice shelves south of 60° S for the purposes of the Treaty System. The treaty was signed by twelve countries including the Soviet Union (and later Russia), the United Kingdom, Argentina, Chile, Australia, and the United States.

How many countries are there in South Asia?

The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), a contiguous block of countries, started in 1985 with seven countries – Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka – and added Afghanistan as an eighth member in 2007.

Which continent is most populated?

Regional and continental (sub)totals in 2016

Rank Continent Population 2018
World 7,632,819,325
1 Asia 4,436,224,000
2 Africa 1,216,130,000
3 Europe 738,849,000

4 more rows

How did the population of China get so large?

1.418 billion

Photo in the article by “United States Department of State” https://www.state.gov/reports/to-walk-the-earth-in-safety-2017/

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