You asked: How do I find the second largest element?

How do you find the second largest element in a list?

Python Program to Find the Second Largest Number in a List

  1. Take in the number of elements and store it in a variable.
  2. Take in the elements of the list one by one.
  3. Sort the list in ascending order.
  4. Print the second last element of the list.
  5. Exit.

How do I find the second largest number?

Let’s see the full example to find the second largest number in java array.

  1. public class SecondLargestInArrayExample{
  2. public static int getSecondLargest(int[] a, int total){
  3. int temp;
  4. for (int i = 0; i < total; i++)
  5. {
  6. for (int j = i + 1; j < total; j++)
  7. {
  8. if (a[i] > a[j])

How do I find the second largest element without sorting?

int first=x[0]; int second=x[0];

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What is the time taken to find the second largest element in a array?

If you want to 2nd highest and highest number index in array then…. You can find Largest and Third largest number of unsorted array as well. I am giving solution that’s not in JAVA program (written in JavaScript), but it takes o(n/2) iteration to find the highest and second highest number.

What is the highest number?

Googol. It is a large number, unimaginably large. It is easy to write in exponential format: 10100, an extremely compact method, to easily represent the largest numbers (and also the smallest numbers).

What’s the second biggest number in the world?

Googol: A very large number! A “1” followed by one hundred zeros. Googolplex: The world’s second largest number with a name. A “1” followed by a googol of zeros.

How do you find the second largest number in C?

Finding the second largest value in an array is a classic C array program. This program gives you an insight of iteration, array and conditional operators. We iteratively check each element to determine the largest and second largest element.

How do you find the second largest digit in a number in C?

Interview Answers

  1. ▼ while (num>0) { int dig = num % 10; if(dig > largest) { if(seclarg dig && dig > seclarg) seclarg = dig; num /= 10; } …
  2. ▼ while(n){ x=n%10; if(max1x) max2=x; n=n/10; } } …
  3. ▼ #include using namespace std; int main() { int n,x,max1=0,max2=0; cin>>n; while(n>0) { x=n%10; if(max1>x) {if(max2. …
  4. ▼ …

How do I find the second largest number in SQL?

IN SQL Server using Common Table Expression or CTE, we can find the second highest salary: WITH T AS ( SELECT * DENSE_RANK() OVER (ORDER BY Salary Desc) AS Rnk FROM Employees ) SELECT Name FROM T WHERE Rnk=2; How to find the third largest salary?

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How do you find the largest and second largest number in an array?

The program output is also shown below.

  1. * C program to read elements into an array and find the.
  2. * largest two elements in a given array.
  3. int n = 0, i = 0, largest1 = 0, largest2 = 0, temp = 0;
  4. printf (“Enter the size of the arrayn”);
  5. scanf (“%d”, &n);
  6. int array[n];
  7. printf (“Enter the elementsn”);

How do you find the second largest number with 3 numbers?

One more way to find the second maximum value among the 3 given values is to add all three numbers and remove the maximum and minimum values. Here max() and min() are the functions to find maximum and minimum values among 3 numbers respectively.

How do you find the second smallest number in an array?

Let’s see another example to get second smallest element or number in java array using Arrays.

  1. import java.util.*;
  2. public class SecondSmallestInArrayExample1{
  3. public static int getSecondSmallest(int[] a, int total){
  4. Arrays.sort(a);
  5. return a[1];
  6. }
  7. public static void main(String args[]){
  8. int a[]={1,2,5,6,3,2};

How do you find the second highest salary in Python?

Here is a way to do this task using dense_rank() function. Query : select * from( select ename, sal, dense_rank() over(order by sal desc)r from Employee) where r=&n; To find to the 2nd highest sal set n = 2 To find 3rd highest sal set n = 3 and so on.

Is second biggest hyphenated?

Contrary to other responses: A hyphen is required in “second-largest” if being used as a compound adjective, as in: “That is the second-largest pizza I have ever seen.”

How do I find the second highest value in Excel?

Strategy: Use the LARGE or SMALL functions. These functions take a range of values, then a k value. If you use a k value of 1, the LARGE function is exactly like a MAX: =LARGE(B2:B100,1). The real value in LARGE is the ability to ask for the second largest value using =LARGE(B2:B100,2).

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