What Is The Biggest Corn Maze In The World?

CBS Sacramento reports that emergency calls from inside the 63-acre corn maze at Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon, California, “can bog down dispatchers” they are so frequent.

Cool Patch Pumpkins The maze was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records back in 2007 as the world’s largest corn maze.

Where is the largest corn maze in the world?

The World’s Largest Corn Maze at Richardson Adventure Farm in Spring Grove, Illinois.

What is the biggest corn maze?

As of 2014, the Guinness World Record for largest corn maze was 60 acres (24 ha), created by Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon, California.

How much is Richardson corn maze?

For information, visit www.richardsonadventurefarm.com. Admission to the corn maze in September is $17 for those ages 13 and older and $14 for ages 4 to 12. Weekend prices during October and November are $19 for ages 13 and older, $17 for those ages 4 to 12, and free for age 2 and younger.

How do you beat the corn maze?

Method 1 Being Resourceful

  • Note your exit. Before you enter the maze, know where you will be exiting.
  • Use a map. An employee should hand you a map before you get started.
  • Look for noisy areas.
  • Keep your group together.
  • Use your phone’s GPS.
  • Drag your hand along the wall.
  • Follow others.
  • Look for landmarks.
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How long does a corn maze last?

A: About an hour and a half. Groups will take longer. For slower visitors it is a good idea to allow two hours to get through the maze. Also, it takes about two hours to get through the maze during Flashlight Nights because it is easier to become disoriented.

How do you solve a maze fast?

There is a simple method for finding your way out of a maze or labyrinth: Touch the wall or hedge with the hand nearest to it, left or right. Keep that same hand touching the wall and keep walking. This may take you on a horribly long route, but it will eventually get you out.

What do you do at a corn maze?

Corn mazes are giant puzzles that you walk through. Farms take cornfields and cut paths into them. But to add more of a challenge there are loops and dead ends to get you lost. And since the corn is usually taller than you are, it is easy to get lost.

Photo in the article by “Flickr” https://www.flickr.com/photos/zlaxfish/5112416137/

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